Application Method and Principle of Vegetable Washing Machine

Vegetable Washing Machine
vegetable washing machine

The vegetable washing machine have a another name-brush-type roller vegetable washer. It is the most commonly used machinery in vegetable processing equipment. Especially in some small and medium-sized food processing enterprises or individual workshops. A fruit and vegetable washing machine can completely replace the original manual operation because of its low price and high efficiency. Next, the Taizy vegetable cleaning equipment manufacturer will introduce the working principle and operation instructions of the vegetable cleaning machine.

Cleaning Equipment For Fruits And Vegetables
cleaning equipment for fruits and vegetables

Working principle of vegetable washing machine

When the vegetables are put into the equipment, the rotating brush constantly flips and rubs the vegetable surface. Then vegetables and fruits will constantly collide and rub with the brush in the equipment. At the same time, clean water will spray from the water spray port to clean the epidermis of vegetables and fruits. Finally, dirt will flow out of the drain.

Detail Part Of The Vegetable Washing Equipment
detail part of the vegetable washing equipment

Instructions and operating procedures for vegetable washing equipment

  1. The vegetable washing machine must be operated, repaired, and maintained by a specially assigned person.
  2. Operators shall receive safety training and be familiar with and master the operation manual of the vegetable washer. At the same time, operators should also understand the basic structure and performance of the equipment, master the operating procedures, and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures.
  3. Operators must wear work clothes. Pay attention to the sleeves not to be too long and wear a work cap.
  4. Before starting the machine, check whether the protective equipment and power supply are intact and abnormal.
  5. It must be observed for 1 ~ 2 minutes after startup, and the machine can be used only after it operates normally.
  6. The number of vegetables and fruits should not exceed one-third of the barrel.
  7. When putting vegetables, open the water valve for spraying.
  8. It is forbidden to touch the running machinery by hand.
  9. After use, first, close the spray water valve and then cut off the power supply.
  10. If abnormal phenomena such as electric leakage are found, the power supply shall be cut off and the machine shall be shut down immediately.
Fruit And Vegetable Washing Machine
fruit and vegetable washing machine

Fault detection and maintenance of vegetable washing machine

During the operation of the automatic vegetable washing machine, if the sound of the machine is abnormal, it must be stopped immediately for an inspection. The following is the failure cause analysis.

  1. The input of materials is too large, resulting in mechanical overload.
  2. Check for machine vibration due to uneven ground.
  3. The lubricating oil has not been replaced for a long time, resulting in too much-bearing friction sound. In case of failure of the vegetable cleaning machine, you should eliminate the failure before continuing to work.

Taizy food machinery reminds you that we should clean the cleaning equipment for fruits and vegetables regularly. And we should maintain the parts of the equipment. This can better prolong the service life of the machine. At the same time, it can improve the working efficiency of the machine.