Continuous fruit dryer machine sold to Mexico

Continuous Fruit Dryer Machine For Shipping To Mexico
continuous fruit dryer machine for shipping to Mexico

Continuous fruit dryer machine, also known as mesh belt dryer machine, which is a device that can quickly dehydrate and dry materials with high water content. Recently, a Mexican customer purchased a 12-meter-long mesh belt dryer for his food processing plant to dry fruit chips.

Working principle of the continuous fruit dryer machine

The continuous fruit dryer has a box structure, and its interior is mainly composed of multiple layers of mesh belts. When the machine is working, its sprocket structure drives the mesh belt to rotate at a uniform speed.

There are multiple sets of fans in the dryer, which can blow heat to the mesh belt, and make the material on the mesh belt evenly heated so that the moisture of the material quickly evaporates to achieve the purpose of drying.

Mesh Belt Drying Machine Is In Manufacturing
Mesh Belt Drying Machine Is In Manufacturing

Main applications of the mesh belt drying machine

The mesh belt dryer is very versatile. In addition to drying fruit pieces, it can also be used to dry herbs, various types of tea, vegetables, kelp, jujube, chrysanthemum, roses, and so on.

Details of the Mexico order for continuous fruit drying machine

The Mexican customer has a small food processing plant that mainly processes various dehydrated vegetables and dried fruit pieces. The original drying equipment in his factory has been in use for a long time, and there are more and more failures, and the cost of maintenance is very large. Therefore, the Mexican customer decided to purchase another net belt dryer with a larger output.

Commercial Continuous Drying Machine
Commercial Continuous Drying Machine

The moisture content of the customer’s raw material is about 85%. After drying, customers want their water content to be reduced to about 4%. After negotiation, the customer decided to purchase a dryer with a length of 12 meters and a 5-layer mesh belt, and the heating method was electric heating.

Due to the high output requirements of this customer and the high cost of electric heating, we recommended this gas-fired continuous dryer to this customer, and this customer agreed with our proposal. In the end, the Mexican customer purchased an all stainless steel mesh belt dryer from our factory.