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frying machines
Small/large commercial frying machines for you to choose from(50-1500kg/h). Customers can choose between electric heating and gas heating.

The commercial frying machine (fryer) is one of the indispensable equipment in the food industry. It is not only used in large-scale production lines such as French fries and ShaQima but also in the production process of spring rolls, meatballs, and fried chicken.

Mesh belt type commercial frying machine

Product introduction

Mesh belt type commercial frying machine, also known as tunnel fryer and conveyor fryer. There are many ways to heat this machine. Commonly, there are gas heating and electric heating. In addition, diesel heating, steam heating, and hot air heating can be used.

It consists of an oil tank, heating system, lifting system, automatic filter system, smoke exhaust system, control panel, mesh belt, motor, oil outlet, machine cover, and other parts. It has the functions of oil-water separation and frying filtration, which overcome the shortcomings of oil slag blackening and affecting oil quality.

Mesh Belt Type Frying Machine
Mesh Belt Type Frying Machine

Advantages of the mesh belt type commercial frying machine

  1. There is a single-layer, double-layer mesh belt. This machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for making a variety of foods, but it is not suitable for materials such as fried peanuts and broad beans.
  2. The oil temperature is controllable and the mesh belt speed is adjustable.
  3. This commercial frying machine has the function of separating oil and water and automatically filtering the frying, prolonging the service life of the oil.
  4. Efficient heating system to avoid energy waste; automatic smoke exhaust system to improve working conditions.
  5. The machine is made of all stainless steel and supports customization.

Technical parameter

Electric heating mesh belt type commercial frying machine

TypeSize (mm)Weight(kg) power(kw)Output (kg/h)
mesh belt type commercial frying machine

5 models of mesh belt type commercial frying machines are available for customers to choose from. The production capacity is between 300 and 1500kg/h. Please feel free to contact us if you need to.

Gas heating mesh belt type frying machine

Type  Size (mm)Weight (kg) Power (kW)Output (kg/h)
Gas heating mesh belt type automatic frying machine

Various models of Gas heating mesh belt type frying machines can process 500-800 kilograms of ingredients per hour.

Tipping bucket type frying machine

Product description

The tipping bucket-type fryer features a wide range of applications and can be used to handle almost any material. In addition, this machine can also automatically feed the feed, which is very convenient to use. This machine consists of a pot body, a mesh frame, heating tubes, a control panel, an insulation system, a mixing system, a motor, and so on. The thermal insulation layer is an aluminum silicate material, which can effectively prevent heat loss and save energy. This machine has a variety of heating methods, such as electric heating, gas heating, electromagnetic heating, diesel heating, and so on.

Tipping Bucket Type Frying Machine
Tipping Bucket Type Frying Machine

Tipper bucket type Frying machine Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can it be used to fry peanuts and broad beans?

A: of course, this machine has a wide range of applications.

  1. How many kilograms of oil should be put into each use?

A: 500 kg per time is needed for gas heating. The electric heating only needs to put in 300 kg of oil each time.

  1. What is the temperature adjustment range?

A: It can be adjusted between 30 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius.

  1. What is the diameter of the pot?

A: The small pot is o.8-1.2 meters, the medium pot is 1-1.6 meters, and the large pot is 1.6-1.8 meters.

  1. How to clean the fryer?

A: Filter from the oil filter – the valve is drained – add water and soda to boil – pour into the water to rinse.

  1. How many heating tubes are in one machine?

A: There are six heating tubes.

Technical parameter

ParameterBig TZ-90Middle TZ-80Small TZ-60
Power KW90KW80KW60kw
Inside diameter1100*18001000*1600800*1300
Size (mm)2800*1400*19002600*1200*18002200*1000*1600
Weight (kg)100010001000
Tipper bucket type Frying machine

As you can see in the table above, the output of the tipper bucket type food frying machine is small compared to the commercial fryer machines mentioned above. This machine is suitable for restaurants and small fried chicken stores.

Portable frying machine

The portable commercial frying machine is also called a rectangular fryer. The machine consists of the oil tank, frame, portable mesh frame, control panel, over-temperature protection device, motor, and so on. The whole machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel and uses an intelligent digital display thermostat to accurately display the oil temperature. The mesh size of the frying basket can be customized according to the size of the food, and the material of the frying basket handle is bakelite.

Portable Frying Machine
Portable Frying Machine

Technical parameters of the portable fryer

The model of this machine is determined by the number of mesh frames inside the machine. The length of each frying basket is about 40 cm. Electric heating can contain up to 6 frying baskets, gas heating can have up to 3 frying baskets, too many blast baskets will affect the heating uniformity.

Electric heating portable frying machine parameters

TypeSize (mm)Weight (kg)Power(kW)CapacityNumber
CY500700*700*950701250kg/h1 basket
CY10001200*700*95010024100kg/h2 basket
CY15001700*700*95016036150kg/h3 basket
CY20002200*700*95018042200kg/h4 basket
CY30003300*1100*1300400723006 basket
Electric heating portable frying machine parameters

The Portable Small Fryer Machine is one of our smallest frying machines. The capacity ranges from 50 kg to 300 kg per hour.

Gas heating portable frying machine parameters

TypeSize (mm)Weight (kg)Power (kW)Capacity
Gas heating portable commercial frying machine

At taizy food machines, if you need any kind of commercial frying machine, we have you covered. Feel free to contact us through the pop-up window in the lower right corner.

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