Spring Roll Machine

Main Feature Of The Spring Roll Machine
main feature of the spring roll machine

Spring roll machine is mainly used to make spring roll, French pancakes, egg cake, etc. It can also make other kinds of sheet pasta. Compared with traditional manual production, the spring roll machine has the characteristics of simple operation, large output per unit time and low energy consumption. Because of these advantages, the spring roll making machine is widely used in canteens, food processing plants, street snacks, and other places.

Spring Roll Making Machine
Spring Roll Making Machine

Components of Spring Roll machine

Frame, pneumatic components, electrical components, heating components, shaped abrasives, cooling conveyor belts are the Main Components of spring roll machine.

The operation of this machine is very easy, and it is mainly used for the production of various kinds of pasta such as roast duck cake and quiche. According to the different heating methods, the machine can be divided into three categories: electric heating, gas heating, and electromagnetic heating. In addition, this machine can set different heating temperatures and times according to different heating requirements. We can also change different types according to your processing needs to make pancakes of different thicknesses and sizes.

Application Market
Application Market Of The Spring Roll Sheet Machine

Operation Method

  1. First, the heating cylinder needs to be preheated at a temperature of about 70 ° C to 80 ° C. A small amount of edible oil should be applied to the surface of the heating cylinder.
  2. Then the filtered slurry is added to the pulp bucket or the pump cylinder for production.
  3. At the same time, adjust the knobs on both sides of the nozzle to make it parallel with the heating cylinder. After adjustment, the production can be started.
  4. In the initial production, the speed and temperature are lowered a little, and when the production is running normally, the speed and temperature of the machine are gradually increased.

Video introduction: making spring roll

In this video, you can know how to make delicious spring rolls.

Advantage of the Spring Roll Machine

  1. Simple operation and convenient maintenance. Even people without operational experience can master it in a short time.
  2. Production efficiency, saving manpower. We have machines of different outputs for your choice, and the yield range is 500-7000pcs/h.
  3. The thickness of the pancake can be adjusted and the temperature of the machine can be controlled.
  4. This machine covers a small area. What’s more, it also has a wide range of applications and a long service life. In the use process, the machine is not easy to damage, and its service life is about 20% higher than that of similar products.
  5. Spring roll making machine is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which meets the FDA standard, is hygienic and easy to clean.
  6. The pancakes are delicate, smooth and elastic.
  7. Because the products made by this machine are formed at one time, it will not cause waste. And the final product is not easily damaged and easy to pack.
Spring Roll Making Machine (2)
Spring Roll Making Machine (2)

Matters needing attention

1. When you are installing this machine, you should choose a firm and smooth ground.

  1.  The heating cylinder must be parallel to the axis line when installing this machine. And the bottom of the machine needs to be completely stable.
  2. After the production is finished, the machine must be cleaned with clean water.
  3. The ground wire must be connected before the machine is used.
  4. Do not touch the heating cylinder during use.

FAQ about the spring roll machine

  1. Is the machine made of 304 stainless steel?

A: All parts in contact with food are 304 stainless steel. Abrasives are alloy cast iron, Part 201 stainless steel.So, this machine has a long service life.

  1. What is the adjusting range of bread thickness?

A: 0.3-1.2 mm.

  1. What is the bread diameter?

Answer: 10-60 cm.

  1. Can dough cakes be made into square ones?

A: Yes.

  1. Can you change the voltage of this machine?

Answer: The voltage can be changed by installing transformers. You can also choose to buy the gas heating spring roll machine, more convenient to use.

Detail Part Of The Pastry Machine
Detail Part Of The Pastry Machine

Troubleshooting Method

If the spring roll machine does not start, check whether the power supply is connected correctly, whether the switches in each part are closed, and if not, check whether the wires, wireheads or electrical appliances are connected and inserted properly.

The following situations occur after the installation and normal operation of machinery and equipment

  • Machine equipment suddenly stops running, please press the red button or green button on the frequency converter. If it does not work properly, please turn off all the indicator lights on the power lamp converter, then turn on the power supply to make the machine run. If it does not start, replace the frequency converter.
  • The main engine can’t adjust speed: check whether the adjustable speed button is damaged, such as strengthening the top wire of the adjustable speed button, or replacing the adjustable speed button.
  •  Mesh belt can’t adjust speed: check whether the transmission is damaged and whether the motor is burnt down. Leakage Circuit Breaker Trip: Check whether the heating plate is leaking, whether the connecting wire and copper slip ring is leaking, if there is leakage, it is recommended to replace.
  • The heating cylinder is not heated or intermittently heated,  check whether the leakage control table or the hot spot couple is damaged.

Parameter of spring roll maker machine

Model TZ-3620 TZ-5029 TZ-8045 TZ-12060
Dia. of heating Cylinder 360mm 500mm 800mm 1200mm
Size of machine 4.3*0.8*1.35m 4.7*0.95*1.58m 5.2*1*1.5m 6.2*1.15*2m
Electric Power 6.0KW or gas 13.2KW or gas 38kw or gas 59kw or gas
Host Power 0.75KW same as TZ-3620 0.75KW 0.75KW
Power Cutter 0.55KW Same as TZ-3620 0.55KW 0.55KW
Belt power 0.18kw 0.55KW same as TZ-5029 0.55KW
N. W. 320kg 800kg 1000Kg 1200Kg
Size of the sheet ( Max.) 180mm round 280mm round 430mm round  500mm round
200mm rectangular 290mm rectangular 450mm rectangular 520mm rectangular
The thickness of the sheet 0.3-1.0mm Same as TZ-3620 0.3-1.0mm 0.3-1.0mm
Production capacity 500-1000pcs/h 1000-1600pcs/h 3500pcs/h 4500-7000p/h

According to the different production capacity, we have four spring roll machines for sale. The smallest machine can produce 500 spring rolls per hour, and the largest machine can produce up to 7000 spring rolls per hour. It can be seen that our machines can meet the different needs of customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Shipment Of The Spring Roll Making Machine
Shipment Of The Spring Roll Making Machine


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