Amercian customer ordered a complete french fries production line

Taizy Frying Machine Factory
Taizy frying machine factory

French fries, as an important symbol of the fast-food era, are now popular all over the world. As a result, many project investors began to join the french fries processing industry. Many of our customers have obtained huge profits by buying our French fries production line, processing and selling ready-to-eat french fries, and frozen french fries.

What equipment does the American french fries production line include?

The method of making french fries at home is simple, and the tools used are simple. However, in large-scale production of French fries in a french fries processing plant, in addition to workers, efficient french fries processing equipment is also required.

French Fries Processing
French Fries Processing

The french fries produced in the factory are mainly divided into two types: deep-fried french fries (ready-to-eat french fries) and frozen french fries (light fried french fries). There is a certain difference between the production line for processing deep-fried French fries and frozen French fries.

Deep-fried French fries production line: potato washing and peeling, peeled potato slicing, potato strips blanching, potato strips dewatering, potato strips deep frying, fried french fries deoiling, french fries seasoning, and french fries packaging.

Frozen french fries production line: potato cleaning and peeling, potato cutting, potato blanching, potato dewatering, potato strips light-frying, french fries freezing and packaging.

Semi-Automatic Frozen Fries Processing Plant
The Semi-Automatic Frozen Fries Processing Plant

Details about the American french fries processing line

The American client and his partner prepared a lot of money, and they plan to invest in a medium-sized fully automatic French fries processing project, which mainly produces ready-to-eat french fries and frozen french fries.

After comparing several manufacturers of French fries processing equipment, they finally chose our factory. Because our french fries processing machine is of higher quality and more reasonable price and can meet their output demand. The production of ready-to-eat French fries in this US french fries production line is 300 kg/h, and the output of frozen french fries is 500 kg/h.