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Potato chips production line | French fries processing machine

potato chip production line
potato chip production line

Potato chips production line (French fries making machine) is composed of a variety of machines. And there are two kinds of potato chips production line, automatic and semi-automatic potato chips production line. This article mainly introduces the main machines in the automatic potato chips production line. Because of its output is about 100 kilograms per hour, it is also known as a small potato chips production line.

end production
end production

What machines are needed to form a fully automatic potato chips production line?

Step 1: Promotion

The hoist is an important machine for dividing automatic or semi-automatic potato chips production line. It is mainly responsible for the transportation of potatoes processed in each step. Its purpose is to replace manual handling so that each machine in the French fries production line is connected. This machine can save labor costs and reduce the workload of workers.

Step 2: Potato cleaning, peeling

A brush cleaner is needed for cleaning and peeling. Before making potato chips, muddy potatoes need to be washed in a brush cleaner. When the machine is running, you need to put the right amount of water inside the case and then put the potatoes. The potatoes are constantly rubbed against the brush during the tumbling process so that the dirt and skin on the outside of the potatoes can be removed. The brush is made of rigid nylon material, durable and wear-resistant, with high peeling rate of over 95%.

Step 3: Slice potatoes

Potato chips slicer

This machine is very suitable for potato slicing. It can be used not only to make regular potato chips but also to make wavy potato chips. The switch between the two is very simple, just need to change the cutter. Although the size of this machine is very small, it is very efficient and can produce 300-600 kilograms per hour. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel and equipped with safety devices. It is not only beautiful in appearance but also safe and convenient in use.

French fries cutting machine

The French fries cut by the French fries cutter are the same size and have no waste. The thickness of the cut fries can be adjusted, and the adjustment range is between 6-12 mm. If you need a thickness between 12-20 mm, you can contact us for customization. The body of this machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the cutter material is carbon steel, which can extend the service life of the machine to some extent. Its output can reach 300-600 kg per hour. The machine is designed reasonably, and the feed port is enlarged to facilitate feeding.

Potato peeling and cutting machine

potato peeling and cutting machine
potato peeling and cutting machine

This machine combines cleaning, peeling and shredding. After the potatoes enter the feeding cylinder, the potatoes are rubbed against the corundum of the inner wall of the feeding cylinder under the action of centrifugal force, and the potato skin can be effectively removed. Skin that cannot be removed because of potato sags can be peeled artificially. During the rotation of the barrel, the water can be continuously introduced, and the potato skin adhered to the inner surface of the barrel can be washed away. When the peeling work is completed, the feed bin door can be opened, and the potatoes can be passed through the dial to enter the cutter, and the potato strip can be obtained through the cutter processing. This machine is made of all stainless steel, and the cutter is easy to replace. You can cut potato chips or cut potato strips by this machine.

The above three machines are widely used, in addition to potatoes, but also for taro, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables and fruits slicing and cutting.

Step 4: Blanching

The purpose of blanching is to remove the starch from the potatoes and prevent oxidative discoloration during subsequent frying. The blanching machine consists of a heating tube, a built-in net frame, a water outlet, and a machine body. First, you need to put enough hot water in the body of this machine and preheat it. When the water temperature reaches 80-100 degrees Celsius, put the cut potato strips or potato chips into the built-in net frame. Boil after 2-3 minutes. The water after the blanching can be discharged through the water outlet.

Step 5: Dehydration


Potato chips (potato strips) after blanching contain a lot of water. If they are fried without dehydration, it will not only cause splashes of oil and danger but also affect the quality of oil and the taste of potato chips or strips. The centrifugal dehydration de-oiler generates a powerful centrifugal force by flying at a high speed, and the moisture inside the material can be extracted. The dehydration time depends on the situation, usually within 2-4 minutes.

Step 6: Frying

This process requires the use of a fryer. This machine is the same as the blanching machine used in the fourth step. It only needs to change the water inside the case to oil. When the temperature of the temperature measuring gun reaches about 180 degrees, the potato chips can be placed for frying. Generally, the potato chips are fried in 3-5 minutes, and the longer the fried, the crisper the taste. But not too long, otherwise it will produce a burnt taste.

Step 7: Deoiling


Excessive oil content can affect the taste and is not good for your health. Therefore, it is necessary to separate the excess oil from the fried potato chips. The machine used in this process is the same as the centrifugal dewatering machine used in the fifth step. This machine also uses the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation to remove the oil from the potatoes. This step is to get crispy potato chips.

Step 8: Seasoning

This step requires the use of an octagonal seasoning machine. The deoiled potato chips are put into the machine, and seasoning products are continuously put into the machine for flavoring. This machine can discharge automatically. After mixing and seasoning the potato chips fully, pulling the control switch on the left side of the machine, the machine can discharge automatically. It’s very convenient and fast to try.

Processed fries or chips can be packaged directly and sold worldwide. We also offer a Vacuum packaging machine that matches this potato chips production line for your reference. In addition to the small French fries production line with a production capacity of 100 kg per hour, we also have a medium-sized production line with a production capacity of 500 kg per hour and a large potato chips production line.


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