Automatic Tapioca Pearl Machine | 20kg-30kg/h Boba Making Machine

Automatic Tapioca Pearl Machine
automatic tapioca pearl machine

Automatic tapioca pearl machine is a machine specially used to make beautiful boba. With people’s love for pearl milk tea, the boba maker has become a machine that entrepreneurs want to buy. By the way, cassava pearl is a kind of snack food with a crystal clear appearance and high intrinsic nutritional value. It is not only easy to cook and transport, but also smooth in taste and elastic in flavor. Most importantly, it has its unique taste when paired with any snack food or beverage. To make delicious cassava pearls, the boba pearl making machine is an indispensable machine.

Taizy Boba Making Machine
taizy boba making machine

How are tapioca pearls made commercially?

  1. First, you need to prepare pure cassava powder and boiled water.
  2. Then enter the dough mixing link and press the dough into a cake. If you want to mass-produce, we have an automatic dough mixing machine to help you quickly.
  3. Put the cake dough into the hopper.
  4. Then the automatic tapioca pearl machine can automatically make tapioca pearls through pressing, cutting, rounding, and other operations.
Shipment Picture
shipment picture

Product parameters

Boba Pearl Making Machine
boba pearl making machine

Recipe for making tapioca pearls

  • 500g cassava powder can make 667g tapioca powder.
  • 1500g cassava powder can make 2700g tapioca powder.
  • the ratio of hot water to cassava powder is 5:2.
  • it can be stored in the refrigerator for one month.

It should be noted that the proportion is not invariable. You can add more water according to your own needs.

Finished Products
finished products

Advantages of automatic tapioca pearl machine

  1. Fast. Our boba making machine can produce 15-30kg round tapioca pearls per hour.
  2. The filter screen does not need screws. Automatic screening is convenient and fast.
  3. The residual materials can be reversed to fall through the control switch, so as to avoid waste.
  4. Emergency stop switch, safer operation.
  5. The mold specification is 9mm, which is the standard size of cassava pearl.
  6. Our boba maker has two functions: surface pressing and pill rolling.
  7. Food-grade stainless steel.
  8. The size of cassava pearl can be customized according to your needs. No matter what you need for the size of cassava pearls, we can meet your needs.
Boba Maker
boba maker

Where to buy the tapioca pearl machine?

Taizy machinery is a machinery company with 11 years of machinery production experience. At present, there are 15-20kg boba pearl making machine and 20-30kg automatic tapioca pearl machine in batch production. If you have other needs, we can provide customized services for you. If you need this machine, please feel free to contact us.