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Boba Maker
boba maker

The main components of the tapioca pearl making machine include dry powder box, inlet, discharge outlet, universal wheel, outlet, operation plate, and repression system.

This system can produce more tapioca pearls, improve production capacity, and it is economical and practical. At present, the production capacity of this machine is equivalent to 12 workers producing tapioca pearl at the same time, which greatly saves labor costs. In addition, the production system of this machine adopts a screw mixing system. So it is convenient for operation and cleaning. What’s more, this boba maker is made of 304 stainless steel. Therefore, it not only has a beautiful appearance but also can make the material smoothly and meet food hygiene standards.

Introduction of the Tapioca Pearl

Rice glueball (tapioca pearl) is a traditional food in China. It is widely welcomed because of its homophonic meaning “reunion”. Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of rice glueball, such as fruit, nuts, which not only have many flavors but also are sold abroad. The huge consumer market also brings broad market prospects for boba makers (cassava ball makers). This tapioca pearl making machine can make Tangyuan, cassava balls, pills, milk tea Boba and so on.

Operation Method of Tapioca Pearl Making Machine

It is very simple to make tapioca pearl/boba with this boba maker. Take 10 kilograms of glutinous rice flour, add 4.5 kilograms of boiling water, mix well in the dough mixer, press the dough into a flat square by hand. The thickness should be controlled between 20 and 25 mm, and then put the dough into the inlet to process.

(The tapioca pearl making machine has three inlet ports, which are divided into front, middle and back grids. Dry rice flour is put in front and back grids, and the dough is put in the middle. Such a design can largely avoid the sticking phenomenon in making rice glueball.)

Advantage of Tapioca Pearl Making Machine

  1. Using screw extrusion and rubbing technology, combined with the technical requirements of pastry points, the products have beautiful appearance, uniform size, bright and delicate surface, smooth taste and good elastic toughness.
  2. To put the dough into the inlet and outlet, the dough can be automatically rounded and shaped when the machine is turned on. And the products are not easy to deform.
  3. Complete functions and wide applicability. It can make Tangyuan, cassava balls, milk tea Boba and so on.
  4. Major parts and components are made of stainless steel. So, it has a beautiful appearance and meets the food hygiene standards.
  5. The high degree of automation, accurate quantification. You can learn to operate the machine in five minutes.
  6. High working efficiency, equivalent to 8 to 12 workers at the same time making hand-made tapioca pearl. The real low investment, high efficiency, saving money and labor.
Boba Maker Details
boba maker details

Characteristic of Tapioca Pearl Making Machine

  1. The design is reasonable and the operation is simple and convenient.
  2. Low power consumption and high production efficiency.
  3. We can use the tapioca pearl making machine to make the Lantern Festival or other balls (such as traditional Chinese medicine pills).

Cassava Balls maker Frequently Asked Question

  1. The output of this cassava ball maker and the size of the tapioca pearl?

Answer: The output of this boba maker is 20-50KG/H. The size of the product is 6-14mm. The size of the tapioca pearl produced by each machine is fixed, and only one size can be fixed in this range.

2. Can we order more molds of the boba maker to make different sizes of tapioca pearl?

Answer: No, because the wiring inside the machine is more complex, non-technicians will destroy the wiring when disassembling the machine, and improper operation may affect the subsequent use of the machine.

  1. Can other sizes be made by this boba maker? For example, 24mm.

Answer: 24mm has exceeded the standard, but it can still be done. However, special customization is required and you need to pay some additional customization fees.

  1. Can I make other colors or just white ones by using this cassava ball maker?

Answer: It depends on your raw material, what color the raw material is and what color the product is. For example, the raw material is purple potatoes, and the finished product is purple. You can also change the color of the product by adding food pigments.

Cassava Ball Maker
cassava ball maker

Parameters of Cassava Ball Maker




The output of the tapioca pearl making machine is 20-50kg/h. And the size is 780*750*1300mm. If you have some special requirements about the machine, please feel free to contact us.

Tapioca Pearl Making Machine Working Video

How to make Boba? How to clean the cassava balls maker?

Our Cassava Ball Maker’s Strength

Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading machinery manufacturer and foreign trade enterprise in China. Since its establishment in 2011, Taizy products have been sold to more than 100 countries around the world and have established a profound friendship. Today, Taizy has become an indispensable part of the global machinery and equipment industry, and also enjoys a high reputation in China. Taizy has invested a lot of money in the introduction of talents to ensure the excellent quality and thoughtful design of products by employing experienced and technologically advanced mechanical designers. Taizy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has never stopped moving forward. We look forward to cooperating with you.

Successful Case of Boba Maker

Boba making machine is the most popular machine in our company at present. Two weeks ago, buyers from Japan asked us for more information about the boba maker. It is one of our successful cases of cassava ball maker.

When he was browsing the web, he discovered that the products made by our Boba machine are very suitable for making milk tea. Immediately, he contacted our sales manager Laura and asked her if our tapioca pearl making machine could produce Boba with a diameter of 8-10mm. Since the product range of this Boba machine is 6-15mm, he can use this machine to make the products he wants.

How to Make Tapioca Pearl Balls at Home

Rice Dumplings
rice dumplings

We can make delicious tapioca pearls at home. Generally speaking, the raw materials for making pearl balls are tapioca flour, sweet potato flour, potato flour, etc., but it is more common in the market today to use tapioca flour to make pearl balls. Many people worry that the tapioca ball purchased in the market will contain a lot of additives such as colorants and preservatives. So they want to make pearl balls by themselves. In this article, we will show you how to make tapioca balls.

Dessert you can make by our Boba Maker