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The Centrifugal Oil Fliter
the centrifugal oil fliter
The centrifugal oil filter is a device for dehydrating and dephosphorizing the oil. It uses the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation to...

The centrifugal oil filter is a device for dehydrating and dephosphorizing the oil. At the same time, it is also one of the supporting equipment of the oil press machine. It uses the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation to separate different materials to achieve the purification and filtration of oil.

What is the purpose of centrifugation?

Centrifugal oil filters and refining equipment have been paid more and more attention in recent years. Before the advent of these devices, many people thought that oil could be eaten directly by filtering out the residue with a filter cloth. Indeed, this is the most basic step in oil filtration, which excludes only visible impurities in the oil.

The oil still contains a small amount of phosphorus, which will cause certain harm to the human body, such as osteoporosis. The purpose of the centrifugal oil filter is to discharge the phospholipids, water, impurities, and other objects in the edible oil to reduce harm to the human body. On the other hand, it can also slow down the aging speed of oil and maintain the taste of the oil.

Machine Detail
Machine detail

The working principle of the centrifugal oil filter is as follows

The density of each object in the turbid liquid is different. Centrifugal oil filter makes use of high-speed rotation to obtain different settling velocities in the centrifugal force field or gravity field, to achieve the purpose of separating and stratifying or settling solid particles in the liquid.

How to use the centrifugal oil filter

Turn on the power supply of the centrifuge cleaner and add the salted crude oil. Crude oil flows from the oil hopper through the hollow axle at the upper end of the centrifuge cleaner to the nylon disc at the bottom of the drum. The small disc quickly distributes the crude oil evenly to the inner wall of the drum.

At this time, the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating drum separates the solid and liquid of different weights. After 2-4 minutes, the power is turned off. After the drum gradually stops rotating, the net oil automatically flows out. It takes only 5-6 minutes before and after the drum stops rotating, and the filtration capacity is 250-350 kg oil per hour.

What is salted crude oil?

Salted oil is a small amount of hot brine added to the oil. The ratio of brine to oil is generally 1-1.5%.

Why add saltwater?

  1. Adding salt water can play the role of dephosphorization. H2O. NaCl (salt) and P produce a combined reaction to form the heavy salts Na2P5O (sodium phosphate) and H2 (hydrogen), and the phosphate is easily filtered out.
  2. Adding salt water will make the filtered oil clearer.

You can also choose not to add brine because the purpose of the brine is to accelerate the accumulation of phospholipids.

Centrifugal Oil Filter
centrifugal oil filter

Advantages of the centrifugal oil filter

  1. The filtering speed is fast. Filter once every 3-4 minutes, each time the oil filtration amount is 15-20kg and 250-350 kg oil can be filtered in one hour.
  2. Easy to clean. Clean up the oily residue once every 1000kg filtration. The cleaning of oil residue is very convenient.
  3. Compared with other equipment, there are no vulnerable parts for long-term use. No need to worry about cleaning and replacing filter cloth
  4. The effect is better than other filtering devices. The plate and frame oil filter have the trouble of replacing and consuming of the filter cloth; the overpressure of the air filter can cause an explosion. Using a centrifugal filter can get high purity, clear color oil that can be sold directly or ate
  5. The operation is stable. Centrifugal oil filter equipment is small but high in technology. First, the drum is prone to have balance problems when rotating at high speed. If there is a slight deviation, solid-liquid resonance will occur, which will eventually damage the internal parts of the machine. This machine runs smoothly and will not cause this problem.

Parameters of the centrifugal oil filter

TypePower /KWTransfer  methodRotating speed r/minDiameterOutput kg/h
YTLY401.5Belt drive180036080
YTLY501.5Belt drive1800500200
YTLY601.5Belt drive1800550260
YTLY802.0Belt drive2200600350
centrifugal oil filter

4 types of centrifugal oil filter for you to choose from. The output of this centrifugal filter for oil is between 80kg/h-350kg/h. Contact us for the latest quotation.