Multi-function Screw Oil Press Machine

Multi-Function Screw Oil Press Machine
multi-function screw oil press machine

The multi-function screw oil press machine is a machine that can press a variety of oil crops. For example, sesame, peanuts, rapeseed, flaxseed, etc. This screw oil press machine has been continuously improved and upgraded, and the oil yield of all kinds of oil crops has reached the highest.

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screw oil press machine

Application Market of Multi-function Screw Oil Press Machine

The oil pressing industry is an industry that will never decline, and the prospect of the oil pressing industry has been very good since ancient times. No matter how the times develop, the oil will never leave people’s tables.

What’s more, the technology of making this machine is mature and the price is reasonable. Once you have problems, we will arrange professional customer service with years of sales experience to answer any questions related to the oil press machine for you.

Oil Press Machine 2
oil press machine 2


Operating Method and Working Principle of Screw Oil Press Machine

The automatic heating box, heating and pressing part, adjusting part, transmission part, and vacuum oil filter are the main components of the multi-function screw oil press machine.

  1. When it is working, the power transmitted by the drive is transmitted to the spindle through the reducer, and the screw press mounted on the spindle rotates with it, pushing the oil crops forward.
  2. As the distance between the screw and the chamber decreases, the density of oil increases, so the pressure increases gradually.
  3. In the process of pressing, friction occurs between oil particles and screw oil press machine parts, resulting in heat, which constitutes the two major elements of oil pressing technology, pressure, and heat.
  4. Then, the cell tissue of oil crops is destroyed, oil flows out of the outlet, and oil cakes are pushed out from the cone of the screw and outlet of the oil cakes.
  5. When the spilled oil flows into the filter bucket through the oil pan, the vacuum pump pumps out the air in the bucket, forming a negative pressure in the bucket.
  6. During the filtration process, the pump pumps the oil into the filter barrel, while the oil residue is left on the filter cloth.

The Advantages of Multi-function Screw Oil Expeller

  1. This oil press machine is the guarantee of health. With the improvement of the times and the progress of technology, people’s demands for health have been greatly improved. The oil we got from this machine has no impurities, no heavy metals, and no strange flavor. It retains the original taste of the oil to the greatest extent and thus ensures the health of the eater.
  2. The operation of this oil press machine is convenient, and its principle is simple and easy to understand. Even if you are a newcomer to the industry, you can quickly grasp the main points of the machine in a short time.
  3. This screw oil press machine covers a small area and it is easy to handle. Whether you have a big factory or a small workshop, this machine will not take up too much space for you. In addition, besides this type of oil press, we also have different models, different sizes, and different output machines for your choice. (If you have other special requirements or questions, please contact us! Professional 24-hour online customer service will provide you with detailed answers.)
  4. This type of screen oil press machine has a high oil yield and excellent quality. In daily use, the service life of this oil press machine is longer than other similar machines, and the oil yield is about 2% higher than other machines.
  5. This oil press has a wide application and can handle many kinds of oil crops. For example peanut, sesame, flaxseed, rapeseed, soybean, olive, walnut, almond, and other common crops.
Oil Press Machine 2
oil press machine 2

Oil Press Function Schedule

Raw materialOil yield%Oil Residual Rate of Oil Cake%
oil sunflower seed30-38≦8
screw oil expeller

In this table, you can see that our oil press machine can handle a variety of different raw materials. Different raw materials have different oil yields. You can judge the oil yield of your raw materials according to the information in this table.

Maintenance of Multi-function Screw Oil Press Machine

  1. After every 50 hours of operation, you should check the lubrication of this screw oil press machine. The oil cup on the gearbox should not be short of oil.  When adjusting the inner bearing of the screw, please add grease to each shift from the adjusting screw hole. Do not dry the grinding.
  2. The lubrication parts should be protected from dust and other impurities. The quality of the oil in the gearbox should be checked once a year. If deterioration is found, all the oil should be replaced.
  3. When the crushing quantity becomes low and the cake or oil is out of order, the screw axle should be pulled out, the screw and strip should be inspected, the wear condition of the cake ring should be checked, and the worn parts should be replaced in time.
  4. At the end of each work, the remaining oil cakes in the screw oil press machine should be removed. And the dust and grease on the machine’s surface should be wiped off.
Detail Parts Of The Machine
detail parts of the machine

Parameters of Multi-function Screw Oil Press Machine

TypeScrew diameter mmPressing speed r/minMain engine power kWVacuum pump power kWHeater power kWOutput kg/hWeight kgSize mm
screw press oil expeller

The output of our automatic screw oil press is 40kg-600kg per hour. Therefore, this means that you have multiple machines to choose from, and you can purchase them according to your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Pressing Methods of Several Main Oils (for reference only)

A: Rapeseed

First, the screw oil press machine is heated to 110 – 140 degrees Celsius. Then the rapeseed is fried in a pot. When the rapeseed smokes in the pot, stir-fry it over low heat until the rapeseed is deep yellow, and then come out of the pot. Wait until the temperature drops to about 60 degrees Celsius before pressing the oil in the pan.

Normally, the oil is yellow, and the cakes are black and yellow, large or long strips. In addition, due to the different tastes and usage between the North and the South, the South is slightly heavier in roasting rapeseed, while the North is relatively lighter.

Several problems easily arise in rapeseed pressing

  1. More oil residue and lower oil yield: mainly because of not enough cooling after fried.
  2. The speed of oil filtering is slow: mainly in the process of rapeseed pressing, the impurities of raw materials are large, the dust is more and the temperature of various parts of the screw oil press machine is lower, or the concentration of rapeseed oil is higher. At this time, the oil pan should be heated and opened. The other two filters should be used alternately, the residue on the filter cloth should be removed, and the filter cloth should be cleaned and replaced.
  3. Vacuum pump oil injection phenomenon: due to long-term filtration, vacuum expression to the limit value (-0.1), you can see from the window that oil droplets are rising. If the filter is continued, the oil will be pumped into the airbag, and then discharged from the exhaust hole of the vacuum pump, so that the oil yield will be reduced. When this happens, the vacuum pump should be stopped, so that the value of the vacuum meter can be reduced to – 0.09, and then continue to work.

B: Peanuts

The screw oil press machine temperature rises to about 180 C. The peanuts are stir-fried until slightly yellowing. Then they are heated out and pressed. The oil is yellowish-white and the shape of the oil cake is large or long.

The problems of peanut pressing are easy to occur

  1. Oil return (i.e. oil flows out of the tail). The main reason is that the oil line is blocked and can be dredged by tapping the strip at the cutting edge with an iron rod. In addition, when frying peanut seeds, a small amount of water should be added to make the fried peanut elastic, which can avoid this phenomenon.
  2. The oil cake is broken. The main reason is that the temperature of peanut frying is low. When the peanut frying will be finished, the temperature should be increased and the fried peanut should be pressed in time.
  3. Vacuum pump injection. (ibid.)
Application Market Of This Oil Press Machine
application market of this oil press machine

C: Soybean

Firstly, the screw oil press machine is heated to about 140 degrees Celsius. Then the soybeans are stir-fried until crackling. After the soybean is discharged, the temperature is lowered to about 60 ° C, and then to start the oil extraction. The oil cake is in a large block shape. If there is a scum phenomenon, it is caused by insufficient cooling after the seeds are fried or fried too lightly.

D: Sesame

The screw oil press machine is heated to 130-170 ° C, and the sesame is fried in a pot until it becomes round and swelled and turns yellow and oily. It is quickly raised several times, and after the black smoke is removed, the oil is reddish-yellow, and the oil cake is in a large or long shape.

Sesame pressing problems are easy to occur

  1. The cake is not formed, the cake is broken, and the oil is splashed; the sesame is fried too lightly, and the temperature of the fried sesame is too low.
  2. Oil cakes are wrapped around axles, cakes are tucked, noodle-like oil residue emerges between pressing bars, oil is black, machine fumes are large, oil is bitter, and feeding is slow, mainly caused by excessive stir-frying of sesame or high pressing temperature. In addition, too tight pressing screw adjustment may also cause this problem.

Successful Cases of Multi-functional Spiral Oil Press machine

In 2018, Kunal, a client from Nigeria, wanted to try to run a small oil mill. Due to limited funds, after discussing with Jean, the customer service staff of our company, he only bought an oil press machine. In March 2019, he called our customer service number again and wanted to buy another two multi-functional spiral oil press machines. He said that this oil press machine has brought him good benefits, he is eager to transform it into a small and medium-sized oil mill and hopes to cooperate with our company again.

There is not only one such successful example, no matter whether you are just stepping into the industry or have already been a successful boss, Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery Co., Ltd. will not let your trust down, but will also provide you with the most effective service. In addition, we also have high-quality cold oil press machine. If you want to know more information about that, please feel free to contact us.


Special Attention when Using This Oil Press Machine

  1. It is strictly forbidden for foreign matter to enter the barrel, and forbidden to use hands or iron rods to enter the hopper to pull materials!
  2. When the screw oil expeller is stuck, it is strictly forbidden to dismantle the spindle.
  3. When adjusting the thickness of the cake: (1) The action should not be too violent, to prevent the sudden increase of the machine load, causing the machine to jam, damage the machine parts, burn down the motor, etc. (2) During the working process, it is not appropriate to loosen the adjusting screw excessively to prevent the screw from falling off from the previous support, so that the screw can not be loaded or removed.
  4. The processed dry cake can not be repeatedly pressed back and forth to avoid jamming the machine.
  5. When replacing the filter cloth, the filter cylinder must be pressed into the rubber ring groove, otherwise, the filter cloth will leak or crush.
  6. Insufficient heating of the screw oil press machine is not allowed for the press.