The Development of the Meatball Industry

Meatball (2)
meatball (2)
From the previous artificial squeeze meatballs to the current large-scale automated meatball production line. Meatball has entered the road of mechanization.

With the economic and social development and the progress of science and technology, a series of food automation processing equipment is subsequently produced. Among them, the development of meatball production equipment is also very rapid.

From the previous artificial squeeze meatballs to the current large-scale automated meatball production line. This small meatball has entered the road of mechanization and industrialization.

The market for meatballs has also entered the era of a hundred flowers. Different types of meatball products bring a variety of choices to the meatball market.

Common types of meatballs

Meatballs are common meat products in our daily lives. Common meatballs include Chaoshan Beef Balls, Fuzhou Fish Balls, Four Happiness Meatballs, Pissed Beef Meatballs, Lion’s Head, Ningdu Meatballs and so on. It is believed that many people have eaten these local specialties of meatball cuisine.


Meatballs are a traditional cuisine. There is a wide variety of meatballs to satisfy most tastes. In the past, we used to eat meatballs that we made ourselves at home. Or we purchased the meatballs at the meatball store in the market or the supermarket.

The main raw material of meatballs is made from meat, such as beef meatballs, fish meatballs, pork meatballs, and so on. Meatballs contain a variety of nutrients and are rich in protein, with an amino acid profile closer to that of pork. Meatballs are also very calorie-rich, providing energy for the body’s metabolism.

Meatballs are becoming more and more popular

In recent years, the mantra of prepared dishes has been growing louder and louder. It is believed that meatballs will also have a share in the trillion-dollar market of prepared dishes. The popularity of prepared dishes is dependent on the development of the current lazy economy. Riding on the prefabricated dishes hot and lazy economy of catering, meatballs market demand is also increasing.

Fish Meatball
fish meatball

With demand comes production. The pressure of production has led to the rapid development of modern equipment, Taizy machinery is also not leaving any room for meatball production equipment for the continuous investment in research and development. With more and more perfect meatball production line has occupied a place in the meatball market.

Modern meatball production equipment

I believe that there will still be some people for the impression that meatballs are still stuck in the memory of hand beating meat paste, squeezed balls. Take beef meatballs as an example, the main material of beef meatballs is made of beef and starch. Beef meatballs have a tender texture. But making handmade beef meatballs is a very labor-intensive and intense task.

And with the development of the meatball market, supply and demand surge, more and more beef meatball stores, and processing plants using mechanized production instead of handmade. This greatly improves production and saves labor costs.

Meatball Processing Machine
meatball processing machine

With the gradual improvement of automated meatball processing equipment, the meatball market continues to mechanize, scale, and industrialization. With the help of Taizy machinery, many meatball processing stores and large-scale meatball production workshops have been established.

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