Meatball production line | Meatball forming machine

meatball production line
meatball production line

The meatball production line is composed of a meatball forming machine, a meatball blanching machine, a frozen meat planer, and a frozen meat grinder and some other machines. This production line is a semi-automatic production line, suitable for making meatballs of various tastes. The meatball forming machine imitates the principle of artificially making meatballs, and makes chicken, beef, and mutton meat into delicate meatballs.


process of meatball production line
process of the meatball production line

The production process of the meatball production line

  1. The raw material is -4 ℃ ~ -18 ℃ frozen meat, which can be chicken, pork, lamb, beef, fish.
  2. Cut frozen meat into slices for processing and use.
  3. Put the sliced frozen meat into the meat grinder to make smaller meat pieces.
  4. Put the ground meat into the chopper, cut the meat continuously, and cut the meat more evenly. In this step, you can add seasoning for seasoning.
  5. Use the beater to break the minced meat continuously. You can also choose to add seasoning in this step to obtain the minced meat with fine quality.
  6. Put the minced meat into the meatball forming machine, and the prepared meatballs will be directly cooked and formed in the blanching machine.
  7. Finally, the meatballs are cooled in the cooler. After cooling, meatballs can be sold directly or frozen in the freezer.
the main component of the meatball processing machine
the main component of the meatball processing machine

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Machine introduction of the meatball production line

Frozen meat planer

Frozen meat planer is also called a hydraulic frozen meat planer. This machine is mainly composed of the feed chamber, rotary cutter, body, hydraulic push plate, motor, and other parts. It uses the principle of hydraulic feeding to push the meat into the rotating blade, which has the characteristics of consistent slice thickness and high efficiency. It can cut bone-free frozen meat at – 4 ℃ ~ – 18 ℃ in a short time, so as to facilitate subsequent processing, prevent the meat grinder from overload and affect the service life of the machine.

frozen meat planer
frozen meat planer

Frozen meat grinder

This machine does not need to thaw meat, which greatly saves processing time. Changing the mold hole of the machine can get different sizes of meat particles. In the process of ground meat, the temperature of the machine is not very high, and it will not destroy the nutrients, protein, muscle tissue, etc. in the meat. The screw pushes the raw meat to the cutter so that the cutter and the outlet of the machine produce a squeezing force. Under the dual action of the squeezing force and the twisting force, the meat becomes uniformly-sized meat particles and is discharged from the outlet.

meat grinder
meat grinder

Chopping machine

The chopper can be used for cutting vegetables and meat. It is suitable for the processing and production of the baozi shop, dumpling shop and meatball production line. This machine is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. It can cut vegetables and meat more evenly in the process of chopping. A protective device is installed above the machine to ensure the personal safety of the operator. After special heat treatment, the cutter inside the machine has high rotation speed, which can reduce the grinding process of materials and prevent the taste from being affected by too high temperature.

meat chopper
meat chopper

Meat beater

The meat beater is used to make the meat particles into a more delicate meat paste. The machine consists of a bucket, a rotating agitator, a motor, etc. A frequency converter is installed inside the machine, which can perform step-less speed regulation according to customer requirements. Fast stirring can make the fleshy fiber thin, and the meat filling can be more uniform and fluffy. Adding seasoning in this process can make the minced meat fully absorbed and saturated, and the taste is more delicate.

meat beating machine
meat beating machine

Meatball forming machine

This machine simulates the process of making meatballs by hand and can be used to make meatballs of various flavors. A pound of raw meat can be made into 30-35 meatballs after adding appropriate seasonings and auxiliary materials. The size of the meatballs can be customized according to customer needs. The motor uses a full copper wire motor to ensure that the machine can run smoothly for a long time. The output of this machine is very large, and the number of meatballs produced per minute can reach 100-300.

Meatball blanching, cooking, cooling production line

The prepared meatballs need to be shaped, cooked and cooled to facilitate the storage and transportation of the meatballs.

The first step is the blanching step. The purpose of blanching is to shape the meatballs. The blanching temperature is 60-70 degrees. The machine used in this step is the blanching machine.

Next is the cooking step, this process is only the preliminary processing of meatballs, which can effectively kill most of the bacteria in the meatballs. Because the cooking temperature is 75-95 degrees Celsius, the cooked meatballs cannot be eaten directly.

The last step is cooling. The cooked meatballs need to be cooled before they can enter the freezer, so as not to affect the taste of the meatballs. The cooling step may be performed by directly cooling with normal temperature water. The blanching machine, cooking machine, and cooler have mesh belt conveyors inside, which can save labor.

meatball processing machine
meatball processing machine

Advantages of meatball production line:

  1. All machines of this production line are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, and the motors are international brands to ensure the quality of the machines.
  2. High production efficiency, this production line has multiple outputs, the output range is 50-500 kg per hour.
  3. Support customization, the size of the machine, the size of the final product can be customized.
  4. Can plan the factory for you, design the factory map, calculate the factory area and so on.


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