Garlic Peeling Machine with a Capacity of 30-300kg/h

Garlic Peeler Machine
garlic peeler machine

Garlic peeling machine is a kind of mechanical equipment to removes the outer skin of garlic automatically. The machine adopts the principle of pneumatic peeling to remove the outer skin of garlic. Compared with other types of garlic peelers, the machine will not cause damage to the garlic cloves and the peeling rate is up to 95%.

How garlic peeling machine work?

Our garlic peeling machine is equipped with a powerful air compressor to deliver air pressure to the inside of the machine. After the garlic is put into the machine, under the action of air pressure, the garlic will contact with the rotating device inside the machine and be subjected to pressure. Subsequently, the outer skin of the garlic is gradually loosened by friction and removed.

This process usually lasts for a few seconds or prompt seconds. This method of air-pressure peeling ensures that the garlic is peeled in a way that minimizes damage to the garlic itself and maintains its integrity of the garlic. The machine will continue this peeling process until the outer skin of the garlic is completely removed. Finally, the peeled garlic is discharged through the discharge opening.

Garlic Peeling Machine
garlic peeling machine

Why choose our garlic peeling machine?

  1. Maintaining the integrity of garlic: Removing the outer skin of garlic using pneumatic pressure minimizes damage to the garlic itself, which maintains the integrity and quality of the garlic. This is very important for the food processing industry.
  2. The peeling rate of the Taizy garlic skin peeling machine can reach about 95%.
  3. The garlic skin peeling machine is equipped with automatic temperature control and an automatic material guide device.
  4. The machine is made of stainless steel both inside and outside. It is not easy to rust and is durable.
  5. Easy to use.
Control Panel
control panel

Different models of garlic peeler machines for sale


At Taizy Food Machines, we have three hot-selling garlic peeler machines, their output is 30kg/h, 100-150kg/h, and 200-300kg/h. If you need this machine, please feel free to contact us. Besides this machine, we also have a garlic root cutting machine for customers to choose from.

Garlic Peeling Machine Shipped To Uk
Garlic Peeling Machine Shipped To Uk
Garlic Peeler Machine For Sale
Garlic Peeler Machine For Sale

Garlic peeler machine design

The design of a garlic peeling machine usually includes the following key components:

  • Air compressor: This machine is equipped with a powerful air compressor that supplies compressed air to the system.
  • Garlic loading mechanism: A conveyor belt feeds the garlic cloves into the machine. This mechanism is configured only according to the needs of the customer.
  • Pneumatic chamber: there is a chamber inside the garlic peeler. Garlic is subjected to pneumatic pressure inside to loosen the garlic skin.
  • Pneumatic nozzles: Directional pneumatic nozzles blow the loosened garlic skins away from the peeled garlic.
Garlic Skin Peeler Machine
garlic skin peeler machine

How to use a garlic peeling machine?

Using a garlic skin peeler machine typically involves the following steps:

Prepare the machine

Ensure the garlic peeler machine is properly set up, connected to a power source (if required), and the air compressor is functioning correctly.

Prep the garlic

Gather the garlic cloves that need to be peeled. They should be clean and free from excess moisture to ensure smooth peeling.


Place the garlic cloves into the loading chamber of the machine.

Start the machine

Turn on the machine and activate the peeling process. This involves starting the pneumatic system that generates the pressure to peel the garlic.

Observe the peeling

Watch as the machine operates. The garlic bulbs will go through the peeling chamber where pneumatic pressure or other mechanisms will remove the outer skin.

Collect the peeled garlic

Once the garlic goes through the peeling process, collect the peeled garlic cloves. These will be separated from the removed skins.

Reliable garlic peeling machine manufacturer

Taizy Food Machines is a professional garlic skin peeler machine manufacturer. Our garlic skin peeler machine can help you remove garlic skin easily. According to different customers’ needs, we can provide unique customized services for our customers. If you need this machine, please feel free to contact us.

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Applications of Taizy garlic peeling machine

Besides peeling garlic, our garlic peeling machine can also peel cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts, and pine nuts. If other agricultural products come with a film, this machine can also be very effective. So, if you buy this garlic peeler, it means you have a multi-application machine.