The Groundnut Roasting Machine Was Sent to Indonesia

Peanut Roaster For Sale
peanut roaster for sale

The groundnut roasting machine is a machine that can bake all kinds of nuts. On December 2, 2022, Steven, an Indonesian customer, purchased this multifunctional peanut baking machine.

Why do customers want to buy a groundnut roasting machine?

Through communication, we learned that Steven has a small peanut butter production line in Indonesia. Recently, his old fashioned peanut roaster has always had problems. In order not to affect the process of the production line, he decided to buy a new commercial peanut roaster machine.

Groundnut Roasting Machine
groundnut roasting machine

Communication process

Our sales representative Sophia contacted the customer soon after she learned of the customer’s needs. Then he sent the pictures, and video of peanut roasting machine to the customer. Steven is very satisfied with the china peanut roaster through his understanding of it. But he felt that the price of the groundnut roaster exceeded his budget. A week later, our company launched a series of discount activities, and the price after the discount was acceptable to customers. Then the customer paid, and we arranged the delivery for the customer.

A Real Shot Of Peanut Baking Machine
a real shot of peanut baking machine

Parameters of peanut roasting machine

Voltage380v 50hz
Outputabout 80-100KG/H
FunctionsTo roast the nuts

If you need a groundnut roasting machine, please feel free to contact us.