Peanut roasting machine

Peanut Roasting Machine
peanut roasting machine

This peanut roasting machine can be widely used for drying peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts, and other materials. The finished product made from this machine has a good taste. What’s more, the end product is made at a low price. Compared with other machines, this machine can save about 15% of energy.

The structure and working principle of the peanut roaster

This machine is mainly composed of frame, stir-frying cage, heating device, and control panel.

The working principle is as follows:

The rotating rolling cage inside the peanut roasting machine continuously rotates left and right, so that the materials in the rotating cage can be uniformly heated. Heating methods are divided into gas heating and electric heating. The material will not directly contact an open fire or heating pipe but use the principle of heat conduction and radiation, take air as a medium and apply heat energy to the baked object.

In addition, in the process of baking, the propulsion device in the rotating cage will continuously push the material forward, forming an uninterrupted cycle, so that the material is heated uniformly, effectively guaranteeing the baking quality. The machine is equipped with an automatic temperature control device, which controls the temperature between 100 and 300 degrees Celsius.

A Real Shot Of Peanut Roasting Machine
a real shot of peanut roasting machine


The application market for peanut roasting machine

  1. Leisure snacks: suitable for stir-frying Caramel sunflower seeds, spicy peanuts, and other leisure snacks. Different ingredients can be added to the stir-frying process to make different tastes.
  2. Oil Pressing Industry: The hot pressing (ripe pressing) industry needs to fry the materials in advance so as to get a higher oil yield.
  3. Food processing industry (especially nuts): suitable for pecan, almond, chestnut, and other food processing. The finished products can be used in pastry decoration, candy processing, and other aspects to enrich the taste of food.
Peanut Roasting Equipment
peanut roasting equipment

Advantages of peanut roasting machine

  1. Set up an automatic temperature controller. The required temperature can be adjusted according to different materials.
  2. The structure is reasonable. This machine is based on years of production experience and is continuously improved on the basis of similar products. It has the characteristics of fast heating, stable heating (combustion) and high safety performance.
  3. This almond roasting machine has a time controller. Users can adjust the baking time according to the characteristics of the product. After baking, the machine will automatically alarm, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and saves effort.
  4. Save resources. This machine is safe and convenient to use. Compared with other machines, it can save 10-20% energy.

Notes for operation and use

  1. During the heating process, the rotating cage can not stop rotating to prevent deformation at high temperatures.
  2. The water content of different varieties of peanuts is different, and the time and temperature required for baking are slightly different. Therefore, every time you change the variety of peanuts or sunflower seeds, you should first roast 1-2 ovens and set the data before mass production.
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Technical parameters of almond roasting machine

TypeOutput (kg/h)Motor power (Kw)Electric heating power(kw)Size(mm)Gas heating gas consumption(kg)

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