Industrial Juice Making Machine Exported to the Philippines

Fruit Juice Processing Equipment
fruit juice processing equipment

Good news! A Filipino customer purchased an industrial juice making machine from our company for making orange juice.

Why do customers buy an industrial juice making machine?

Paul is the owner of a juice shop. He is running his shop in a tourist location in the Philippines. In addition to tourists, locals also love drinking freshly squeezed juice, so his business is very good. He originally used traditional juicing equipment. This equipment has a small output and is not easy to use. So he wanted to buy fruit juice processing equipment to meet his needs.

Industrial Juice Making Machine
industrial juice making machine

Communication details

After learning about the customer’s needs, Elva quickly got in touch with the customer. And She sent the working video, picture and parameter sheet of the industrial juice making machine to Paul. And she asks which model of machine the customer is interested in.

Then the customer replied that he wanted a machine with an output of 500kg/h. And want to know the price of the commercial juice extractor machine. Then Elva made a detailed quotation to the customer. After receiving it, the customer said that if the machine is easy to use, he will buy the machine from our company. After negotiation, we finally gave the customer a 10% discount.

Parameters of commercial juice extractor machine

Voltage220v 50hz, 1 phase
Proforma Invoice

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