Kebab Skewer Machine for Sale


In the realm of meat skewer production, the demand for efficiency and precision is paramount. To cater to this need, The kebab skewer machine came into being. The satay skewer machine utilizes advanced technology, combining pneumatic and electric systems.

And this cutting-edge satay skewer machine enables automated skewering, allowing for the effortless creation of various skewered delicacies such as beef, lamb, chicken, chicken gizzards, chicken hearts, squid, tofu, seaweed knots, meatballs, and quail eggs. With the ability to add fat or oil at any desired position and adjust the length of the skewers within specified parameters, this kebab skewer machine has become the go-to choice for both meat skewer manufacturers and individual users.

For those seeking a high-quality commercial automatic skewer machine, Taizy Food Machinery, a professional manufacturer from China, can be contacted for further information.

Kebab Skewer Machine
kebab skewer machine

Advanced Features

The kebab skewer machine boasts several notable features that elevate its performance and efficiency. Its construction incorporates stainless steel and food-grade PE plastics, ensuring durability and compliance with health and safety standards. Equipped with a microcomputer control system, this kebab skewer machine provides precise and accurate operation, enhancing the overall skewering process.

Unmatched Speed and Efficiency

With its pneumatic power-driven mechanism, the kebab skewer machine operates at an impressive work efficiency of 1.5-2.0 seconds per skewer. This exceptional speed enables the production of approximately 1800-2000 skewers per hour, allowing businesses to meet high-volume demands while maintaining quality standards. The consistent and reliable performance of the machine ensures a streamlined production process.

Optimal Design and Flexibility

The kebab skewer machine has been meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of users. Its compact size, measuring 1000x1000x350mm, allows for easy integration into existing production lines or kitchen spaces. Weighing 30kg, it strikes a balance between stability and portability, facilitating convenience during transportation or repositioning.

Structure Of The Satay Skewer Machine
structure of the satay skewer machine

Versatile Skewering Options

This cutting-edge satay skewer machine offers versatility in terms of skewer length and diameter. For type 30 skewers, the length can be adjusted between 250-300mm, while type 35 skewers allow for a range of 300-350mm. Additionally, type 40 skewers provide even more flexibility, accommodating lengths of 350-400mm. With a skewer diameter ranging from 3.0-3.5mm, this kebab skewer machine ensures consistency and precision in the skewering process.

Safety and Protection Features

The commercial kebab stick machine prioritizes user safety with its integrated leakage protection system. This feature guarantees a safe and secure operation, mitigating potential risks and ensuring peace of mind during use.

When it comes to commercial automatic skewering machines, the ability to enhance efficiency, precision, and versatility is crucial. Taizy Food Machinery, a leading manufacturer in China, offers a high-quality solution that combines advanced technology, reliability, and safety. With its ability to automate the skewering process for a wide range of meat and vegetarian options, this kebab skewer machine is the ideal choice for both businesses and individuals seeking to optimize their meat skewer production.