Korean Rice Cake Machine for Sale

Real Shot Of Rice Cake Maker
real shot of rice cake maker

Korean rice cake machine is a new generation of instant small food equipment developed and produced by South Korea. Here at Taizy Food Machinery, we have high quality rice cake machines for sale.

Korean Rice Cake Machine
korean rice cake machine

Why is the Korean rice cake machine becoming more and more popular?

With entering the 21st century, the whole world is entering the era of modern green food. The rice cake making machine uses nutritious rice imported from South Korea as the raw material to make cakes with a diameter of 120-150 mm and a thickness of 5 mm. Rice cake is a low-fat healthy instant snack food. The rice cakes made by the rice cake machine have a variety of tastes, crispy, salty, fragrant, and full of spicy taste. Moreover, rice cakes help the absorption and digestion of nutrients, and are deeply loved by young people, middle-aged people, the elderly, and especially children. Therefore, the market potential of the puffed rice cake machine is huge.

Rice Cake
rice cake

The working principle of the rice cake making machine

The Korean rice cake machine uses matching special nutritional rice as the main raw material to supply the heated lower mold pot. In a sealed and pressurized state, the machine will quickly open the upper and lower molds, and then make the raw materials pop out of the rice cakes in the mold. The mechanism of the rice cake machine includes a small gear motor, a drive sprocket, a cam, a crank lever, a roller, and a temperature controller. The automatic control heater can repeatedly automatically and regularly supply raw materials, heat, and pressurize while maintaining a constant temperature.

Detail Part Of The Rice Cake Machine
detail part of the rice cake machine

Rice cake machine for sale

Product Diameter(cm)13-1513-1510-128

The above are the parameters of the three rice cake machines with different outputs, please feel free to contact us if necessary. If you want to know where to buy rice cake making machine, Taizy food machinery co. Ltd is your good choice.