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Rice Cake Machine

rice cake making machine
rice cake making machine

The fully automatic rice cake machine originated in Korea. After more than 30 years, it is a well-known and popular product in Korea. The rice cake machine uses natural pure grain as raw material, does not add oil, sugar and other food additives to explode into a cake shape. The rice cake made by it is crisp and delicious, natural fragrance, suitable for all people to eat, especially by children and the elderly.

In the past two years, as people’s demands for dietary health have been increasing, more and more people have begun to advocate a coarse grain diet and pursue zero-addition, more natural foods. This has brought a broader market for rice cake machine. Rice cake is a low-fat, fashionable and leisure food with diversified taste and full fragrance. The products are not only low-calorie food but also weight-loss food. They have huge market potential and are very suitable for investors.

Operating Method of the Rice Cake Machine

Operation process: turn on the power switch – the upper and lower molds are opened – warm preheating – standby for 5 minutes after the preheating – raw material supply – standard size rice cake is released.

Operation method

  1. Connect the power supply and turn on the power switch.
  2. Through the mold switch, open the upper and lower molds and shut down.
  3. Turn on the heater switch to preheat the mold.
  4. When the preheating temperature of the molds reaches the set temperature, wait for five minutes before adding the raw material to start the motor.
  5. After starting the motor, the temperature drops by about 10 degrees and will return to the set temperature again. During this period, the rice cake size is small, which is a normal phenomenon ;
  6. Thereafter, the temperature will return to the set temperature, and the normal size of the rice cake will jump out.

Matters needing attention

Please abide by the following basic rules


  1. When the machine is in operation, keep your hands near the mold;

(When the machine is in operation, the mold is in a high-temperature state, which is easy to hurt)

  1. Please do not put the cleaning tool into the mold during the working time;

(If you need to clean, you need to turn off the machine)

  1. Do not touch the rotating body (chain) when the machine is in operation.

(Be sure to turn off the power when repairing the machine)

 the rice cake machine
the rice cake machine


  1.  Before and after turning on the machine you should have a security check ;

(Verify power supply (200V/50Hz), wire, appearance, and clean state)

  1. Try to shut down the machine after all the raw materials are used;

(The high-temperature state of the mold may cause the raw material to agglomerate and block the supply of raw materials)

  1. When the machine has noise, contact the after-sales service center;

(Need to inject the lubricant into the corresponding part as needed)

  1. Check the clean state of the mold before starting the machine.
  2. Maintain cleanliness around the machine.

(The machine and mold need to be cleaned after shutdown)

Common Problems and Reasons in Rice Cake Making Process

The material is the main reason which will affect the quality of the rice cake, so the raw material supplier needs to ensure that all the raw materials are the same, and the user needs to ensure that the moisture of the raw materials does not evaporate.

The mold is cleaned at least once a day, and the residue on the surface of the mold may cause the surface of the rice cake to be different, which will also have a certain influence on the color of the rice cake.

end product made by the rice biscuit machine
end product made by the rice biscuit machine

Rice cake size is smaller

  1. After starting the motor, when the falling temperature returns to the set temperature, but the rice cake is still small, you should increase the temperature by 2–5 degrees (the rice cake size is 13-14cm);
  2. Adjust the size of the rice cake in a clockwise direction by the pressure adjusting device on the back of the machine;
  3. After adjusting the temperature and pressure, the rice cake still has a small size. You should contact the after-sales service center. Note that when the size of rice cake is successfully changed by increasing the setting temperature by 2-5 degrees, there is no need to adjust the pressure.

Break of rice cake

  1. This phenomenon occurs because the pressure is too high. Adjust (decrease) the pressure counterclockwise by the pressure adjustment device on the back of the machine.

Rice cake color is strange

  1. The color of the rice cake is white and the size is too large.

=> Rotate the pressure adjustment devices counterclockwise to reduce the pressure. Increase the temperature by 3 to 5      degrees.

2. Rice cake color is yellowish, the size is too small.

=> Rotate the pressure adjustment devices clockwise to increase the pressure. Reduce the temperature by 3 to 5 degrees.

Special attention: the pressure needs to be controlled within three squares of rotation.

Advantage of the Rice Cake Machine

  1. Automatic Temperature Control (ATC)

By using the imported high standard PID temperature control table, the temperature control is realized, so that the machine is always at the set temperature. While saving energy, ensure that the size of the product is approximately the same.

Automatic Temperature Control (ATC)
Automatic Temperature Control (ATC)
  1. Simple operation interface

The actual temperature and set temperature of the machine are clearly displayed in the panel, and the control is simple and convenient.

  1. Excellent and durability

The structure of double spring and double shock absorber is adopted, which greatly improves the service life of the machine and reduces the noise of the machine.

Excellent durability
Excellent durability
  1. Convenient operation and maintenance

This machine uses a single-phase AC motor and sprocket drive. And the structure design is reasonable. Daily maintenance and replacement of parts are very convenient.

  1. Accurate pressure control

The pressure regulating valve is redesigned, which is more convenient and accurate than the previous machine pressure control.

Accurate pressure control (2)
Accurate pressure control (2)
  1. Small size

On the premise of not affecting the performance of the machine, the size of the machine is small, which is conducive to being placed in various places. You can get rid of space restrictions and start business activities.

Parameter of the Rice Cake Machine

Size mm480*320*560the same as KLK150480*320*560480*310*540
Product Diameter cm13-1513-1510-128
Voltage110v/220v,50hz/60hzthe same as KLK150110v/220v,50hz/60hzthe same as KLK150
PowerSINGLE PHASE 1490wthe same as KLK150SINGLE PHASE 1490wSINGLE PHASE 1520W


weight68.5kgthe same as KLK15068.5kg68.5KG


Output pcs/h400-420400-420800360
Raw materialArtificial riceOnly Artificial RiceArtificial riceArtificial rice,brown rice,rice,corn,green bean,wheat,sesame,etc.


It is a ready-to-eat snack machine, which can produce crisp and delicious grain biscuits in front of customers so that customers can watch the original production process of biscuits.

KLK150 is a general model. This year, we are upgrading KLK150 on a large scale. Not only has the appearance changed, but also the structure has been greatly improved. Even in the invisible interior, we have used the best materials. It can be said that the quality of our machines is already the best in our industry. It is superior to Korean machines and has developed many unique models of our company.

real shot of rice cake maker
a real shot of rice cake maker


It is an evolutionary model of KLK150. Its appearance and parameters are exactly the same as the KLK150. But its product is heart-shaped and very cute.



It is a model that our company focuses on, and it is also an evolution model of KLK150. It is a model unique to our company. Compared with the KLK150, it has two characteristics. The product size is much smaller, its product diameter is 11 cm while KLK150 product diameter is 15 cm. The higher output of the product, its output is 800 pieces/hour, twice the size of similar machines on the market.



The biggest feature of KLK90 is that it can use general grain, not just artificial rice. Compared with KLK150 rice cake machine, this machine has more stress and more possibility of a breakdown in theory because it uses natural grain. But this year, a large-scale upgrade of this machine has been carried out. Not only has it been strengthened, but also its structure has been adjusted. Make the machine stronger and more durable. It can be said that the machine has the best quality of its kind.

The biggest feature of the new KLK90 is the modification of the molds. In the past, the machine could not use oily cereals, such as corn, mung beans, sesame and so on, because of mold reasons. If these grains are used, the oil will solidify and the machine will not work well for a long time. At this time, it is necessary to remove and clean the mold. It takes 2 to 4 hours for old models and other companies to remove and clean the mold. While it only takes 2-3 minutes for the new model to be disassembled, cleaned and reinstalled. The mold part of our company has applied for a patent.

Project Proposal

  • Address: the bustling downtown area, tourist attractions, large-scale commercial super-foreign rental areas, ice cream shops, dessert shops, parks, stations, cinemas, middle and high-end communities.
  • Customer: Suitable for all ages.
  • Suitable for investors: suitable for small and medium-sized investors, laid-off workers re-employment, also suitable for the industry peer new projects.
  • Price: 6-8 yuan per bag is recommended for busy downtown areas, large-scale commercial supermarkets, and 10 yuan per bag for high-end communities and tourist attractions.


Daily Profit Analysis

This machine is a small device with simple operation and quick return.

  1. Small footprint and low site cost.
  2. Simple operation and low labor costs.
  3. Common raw materials, easy to buy, and low in price. On this basis, the daily profit can reach 1500-2300 yuan by subtracting the daily electricity charges and the packing charges of the products. If you want more detailed information, please contact our customer service, we will list a more detailed profit analysis according to the actual situation in your country!
    shipment of this rice cake machine
    shipment of this rice cake maachine