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Popcorn Production Line
popcorn production line

Popcorn production line is used to make popcorn especially. With the help of our popcorn production line, you can get different kinds of popcorn, such as Caramel popcorn, chocolate popcorn, fruit popcorn, etc. In theory, no matter what flavor of popcorn you want to make, our popcorn production line can help you. Next, we will introduce the popcorn production line in detail.

Finished Products
finished products

How to make popcorn commercially?

We can easily buy popcorn when we go shopping or go to the cinema. So do you know how these popcorn are mass-produced? The following is the process of making popcorn.

  1. Prepare corn kernels
    We need to prepare enough corn kernels before making popcorn. The corn kernels should not be too wet. Otherwise, it will affect the blasting rate.
  2. Make popcorn with a popcorn cooker
    Popcorn frying pan is the key equipment of the popcorn production line. It can be used for bursting processing of corn raw materials. And it has the characteristics of automatic temperature control, automatic discharge, and automatic mixing. In addition, our popcorn cooker adopts electromagnetic heating, which is energy-saving and environment-friendly. If you want to get other flavors of popcorn, you need to pour the seasoning into the frying pan. For example, if you want to get Caramel flavored popcorn, you need to pour Caramel into the frying pan.
Outer shape:1380*1610*1590mm
Effective working size:φ900mm
Total Weight:600kg
Electric supply:380V 50HZ
Popcorn Cooker
popcorn cooker
  1. Use the cooling conveyor to reduce the temperature of popcorn
    The temperature of popcorn is very high after it is made. So the popcorn manufacturer will use the cooling conveyor to reduce the temperature of popcorn. Its working principle is that the axial flow fan adopts a unique bellows structure, which can quickly reduce the temperature of popcorn. The mesh belt adopts stainless steel plate mesh. In addition, we can adjust the speed of the mesh belt.
Outer shape:7200×1050×1610
Effective working size:6900×550
Power:1.2 KW
Popcorn Cooling Conveyor
popcorn cooling conveyor
  1. Screen out dead beans, corn husks, and other small residues
    After the corn is fried in a popcorn frying pan, there will be a small part of corn that has not been exploded. In order to screen out this part of corn and residue, many popcorn production manufacturers will use a rotary screen. The rotary drum screening machine uses the rotary drum spiral type to transport materials. The belt drive is adopted, which can prevent the cylinder from slipping during operation. This machine is an indispensable part of the popcorn production line.
Outer shape:2900×1100×1870
Effective working size:φ900×2700

Popcorn production line and commercial popcorn maker for sale

In Taizy food machinery, we have professional popcorn making machines and popcorn production lines for sale. Whether you only need a popcorn machine or a complete production line, we can provide it. Therefore, if you need our machine, please feel free to contact us.

Popcorn Making Equipment
popcorn making equipment

Who popped the first popcorn?

About 10000 years ago, corn was domesticated in what is now Mexico. Fossil evidence from Peru shows that corn appeared as early as 4700 BC. Later, archaeologists found that people have known popcorn for thousands of years. In fact, it is about 4000 years old. The popcorn we eat now is the result of many different kinds of corn. As for the first person who made popcorn, there is no way to study it now.