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Commercial Fruit Grinder
commercial fruit grinder

The vegetable grinding machine is a special machine for crushing vegetables. With the vegetable crusher, you can easily crush vegetables and fruits. Therefore, it is suitable for the catering industry, hotels, canteens, food processing plants, and other units. As a professional food machinery manufacturer, we will introduce the fruit and vegetable grinder in detail in this article.

Friit And Vegetable Grinding Machine
friit and vegetable grinding machine

Working principle of vegetable grinding machine

The vegetable grinding machine smashes fruits and vegetables through the rapid cutting of multiple pairs of knives. If you want to adjust the cutting thickness, you can increase or decrease the blade to achieve this. This means that you can not only use our machine to make fruit and vegetable puree but also use our machine to make vegetables and fruit fragments.

Machine Details
machine details

What are the advantages of the vegetable grinding machine?

  1. Wide application range: our vegetable crusher is suitable for crushing potato, yam, taro, carrot, lotus root, and other root vegetables. Spices such as ginger and garlic can also be crushed. At the same time, it can also crush a variety of fruits, such as apples, pineapples, strawberries, and so on.
  2. The number of blades can be prepared according to the fineness of crushing, which is easy to operate.
  3. The main parts are specially designed to withstand high temperatures.
  4. The failure rate of the machine is low, so the work efficiency is high.
  5. The machine is made of stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and durable and meets the food hygiene standards
Wide Range Of Applications
wide range of applications

Operating instructions

Here is the operation instruction for the vegetable grinder machine.

  1. Place the vegetable crushing machine on flat ground and turn on the power supply. Remember the ground wire.
  2. Check whether there is any foreign matter in the material barrel.
  3. Turn on the power switch and check whether the rotation direction is correct.
  4. Put raw materials such as vegetables and fruits into the barrel continuously. And then the high-speed rotating cutter will cut the materials into mud or slurry.
  5. After the operation, turn off the power and clean the fruit grinder.
  6. Pay attention to avoid splashing water on the switch during operation and cleaning.
Machine Display
machine display

Product parameters

Overall dimensions950*380*1000MM 
package size1070*560*1220MM 
Electrical specifications volt Hertz380V50HZ  three-phase
Weight95KGNet weight:115KG
Material420 stainless steel 
Inlet Size170*70MM 

Our fruit and vegetable grinder can crush 600-800 kg of fruit and vegetables per hour. The size of the machine is 9503801000mm. The net weight of the machine is 115KG. You can know more information from the table.

Vegetable Grinding Machine'S Structure
vegetable grinding machine’s structure

Can you grind vegetables in a meat grinder?

To be honest, many families have a meat grinder. Therefore, many people want to know whether the machine can crush vegetables. The answer is yes, you can use a meat grinder to crush vegetables. And it’s easier to crush vegetables than meat. Because the blade of the machine is sharper. It should be noted that if you use a household meat grinder, you need to cut the vegetables into small pieces before putting them into the machine.
Taizy food machinery has a commercial meat grinder and professional vegetable grinding machine for sale. If you need, please feel free to contact us.

Woking video of commercial vegetable and fruit crusher