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Main Picture Of Meat Grinder
main picture of meat grinder

The meat grinder is essential equipment for meat processing. It can directly cut the unthawed meat pieces into different sizes of meat. And it can do the preliminary work for mixing or stirring. This machine can process both fresh meat and frozen meat below -18 °C. Moreover, since there is no need to thaw, the umami taste and nutrition of the meat can be preserved to the utmost extent. The device does not damage the muscle fiber structure and avoids reducing the nutrient content of the meat and the loss of protein.

Meat Mincer For Sale
meat mincer for sale


Working Principle of Meat Grinder

In addition to the meat bone separator, the meat grinder is a kind of meat processing equipment with high versatility and wide application in the meat production industry. The working principle of the machine is:

  1. Firstly, the meat in the hopper is pushed to the pre-cut hole plate in the cutter box by the rotating screw.
  2. Secondly, the meat is cut up by the shearing action formed by the rotating cutting edge and the hole plate eye edge.
  3. Thirdly, the meat is continuously discharged out of the hole plate under the action of the screw extrusion force.

In this way, the meat in the hopper enters the winch box through the screw, and the minced meat is continuously extruded outside the machine. At the same time, seasoning, filling agent and meat can be chopped and stirred together to make granular meat of different sizes.

The meat grinder is one of the most commonly used cutting machines in meat processing. Bacause it can cut raw meat into different sizes of meat grains according to the requirements of meat processing technology, with mesh plates of different apertures. The machine can grind raw meat including pork, beef, boneless chicken, fish, and other meat, and can meet the production needs of different meat products. What’s more, we also have meat slicer and poultry cutting machine for sale.

Meat Grinder Machine
meat grinder machine


Advantages of Minced Meat Maker Machine

  1. The machine has strong power, wide application range, and high production efficiency.
  2. It has the function of freezer winch, saving time, labor. And it is freshness and quality.
  3. Cutting process takes a short time and has a low-temperature rise, which is conducive to preservation and prolongation of shelf life.
  4. Positive and reverse functions make the possibility of blocking meat grinder zero.
  5. The combination of orifice plates is more suitable for the requirements of different meat products.
  6. All parts of the machine are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which is bright and flat, easy to clean and meets food safety standards.
  7. The winch is a precision casting process with no trachoma, smooth appearance, easy cleaning, and reasonable design.
  8. Compared with manual meat grinder mincer, the equipment runs smoothly, discharges material quickly, works efficiently, winches shaft lead is large, the inlet and outlet is large, the feeding is smooth, and the production efficiency is high.
Machine Part
machine part

Parameter of Meat Grinder

TZ-100300-5005.5304 stainless steel190960x600x960
TZ-1201000-15007.5304 stainless steel300980x600x1080
TZ-1301500-200011304 stainless steel7001200x700x1130
TZ-1602000-300015304 stainless steel10001400x800x1200
TZ-2003000-400030304 stainless steel13001480x850x1300
TZ-2504000-600035304 stainless steel16001560x900x1400
TZ-3006000-800045304 stainless steel20001750×10001600

The winch speed of our minced meat maker machine is 130 revolutions per minute and can handle 500-1000kg of meat per hour. If you have any special requirements, please contact us and we will reply you in time.

Detail Part Of This Machine
detail part of this machine


  1. Clean the parts that can be cleaned before using the electric meat grinder. Rinse before use will make the meat cutting easier and smoother, and also make cleaning easier after work.
  2. Before grinding meat, please cut the meat into small pieces (thin strips) so as not to damage the machine.
  3. Turn on the power and add meat after normal operation.
  4. Added meat must be uniform, not too much, in order to avoid motor damage, if found that the machine is not working properly, should immediately cut off the power supply, after shutdown checks the reasons.
  5. If a fault such as a leakage or lightning is found, the power supply shall be cut off immediately, and an electrician shall be sought to repair it. It shall not be repaired privately.
  6. Turn off the power supply after use. Then clean the parts, drain the water and put them in a dry place for later use.
Stock And Shipment
stock and shipment

Cleaning of Meat Grinder

The minced meat maker machine must be cleaned before each use. The main purpose is to remove the floating dust in the machine. After use, it should also be cleaned to prevent the uncleaned meat residue from deteriorating and affecting the taste and health. The cleaning method is as follows:

  • First, unload the machine, clean up the meat foam in the machine chamber.
  • Then soak the machine in warm water containing detergent, clean all the parts one by one with a toothbrush.
  • Finally, rinse them twice with tap water to complete the cleaning. In addition, cleaned machines should be placed in a cool, ventilated place to be dry and assembled.
Interior Structure
interior structure

Daily Maintenance of Meat Mincer

Meat grinder chassis does not need to be maintained under normal conditions, mainly waterproof and protect the power line, avoid power line damage and do a good job of cleaning. Daily Maintenance of Meat Grinding Parts: After each use, it is necessary to disassemble the three-way meat grinding, screw, blade orifice plate and so on. After removing the residue, it is loaded back in the original order. The purpose of this method is to ensure the hygiene of the processed food, on the other hand, to ensure the flexibility of disassembly and assembly of meat grinding parts, so as to facilitate maintenance and replacement. The blades and orifices are vulnerable parts, which may need to be replaced after a period of use.