Wow!!! KFC Ordered Chicken Cutter from Our Company!

Chicken Cutting Machine
chicken cutting machine

The chicken cutter is one of the more popular machines of our company, and it is also one of the machines with the most repurchase. As we all know, KFC is mainly selling fast food. The traditional manual cutting is less efficient and can’t satisfy customers’ requirements for fast food.

Not long ago, our customers sent us an inquiry about the chicken slicer. Joanna, our sales manager, sent the video of the machine, detailed parameters, factory photos and so on to our customers via email.

After talking, we learned that the customer wanted to use the automatic chicken cutting machine to process fried chicken nuggets in KFC meals and asked for customization of the machine. These included the customization of production, thickening, and upgrading of machine manufacturing materials, and replacement of motors, etc. After consultation and exchange, he placed an order with our company.

Why did he choose our chicken cutter?

  1. No loss. Cutting is carried out with specially treated cutters, which do not produce crushed meat during the cutting process, and the cutters are sharp and durable.
  2. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used not only for cutting chicken, but also for cutting beef, mutton, duck, fish, and other meat pieces.
  3. Clean and hygienic. The machine is equipped with a stainless steel cover and the machined surface is specially treated for easy cleaning.
  4. The size of the slices is the same. The machine is equipped with press chains to prevent material deviation during cutting, which leads to the irregular shape of the cutting block.
  5. Safe and reliable. The chicken chopping machine’s chopping board is thickened and durable, which can effectively prevent the sudden breakage of the chopping board during long-term cutting.
A Real Shot Of This Chicken Cutter
A Real Shot Of This Chicken Cutter

Chicken cutting machine parameters:

Type TZ-800
Capacity 400-500kg/h
Size 1300*600*960
Power 220v(3kw) / 380v(2.2kw)
Weight 250kg
Triangle belt BI016
Conveyor belt 310*1500
Cut length 15-50mm

This is just one of our machine parameters. In Taizy machinery, we also have various styles of electric chicken cutter. If you want chicken chopper, please tell us your requirements and we will reply you in time.