Automatic Potato Masher Machine Shipped to Russia

Shipment Picture
shipment picture
In November 2023, our Russian customer ordered model CY-JN500 automatic potato masher machine from Taizy Food Machinery.

In November 2023, our esteemed client from Russia took a significant step towards revolutionizing their kitchen operations by placing an order for the cutting-edge CY-JN500 automatic potato masher machine from Taizy Food Machinery. This article delves into the background of our Russian client, the reasons behind their choice, and their satisfaction upon receiving and using our top-notch machine.

Automatic Potato Masher Machine
automatic potato masher machine

Background of the Russian Client

Our client, a thriving restaurant owner in Moscow, faced the daily challenge of efficiently processing large quantities of potatoes to meet the demands of their popular menu items. Recognizing the need for a reliable and high-capacity solution, they turned to Taizy Food Machinery for a sustainable and advanced solution.

Reasons for Choosing the CY-JN500 Automatic Potato Masher Machine:

The CY-JN500, boasting cutting-edge technology, became the natural choice for our client due to its impressive specifications. With dimensions of 1150x690x1710mm, the machine perfectly fits the spatial requirements of their kitchen. Its packing size of 1270x740x1850mm ensured safe and secure shipping to our client’s doorstep in Russia.

Mashed Potato Making Machine Details
mashed potato making machine details

The electrical specifications, operating at 380V50HZ, aligned seamlessly with the power infrastructure in our client’s kitchen. The CY-JN500’s robust power of 15KW enabled it to handle a capacity ranging from 500-1000KG/h, making it a powerful asset for high-volume potato mashing. The machine’s weight of 411 kg, net weight of 443 kg, and customizable ground mesh sizes (3/4/5/6mm) highlighted its versatility and adaptability to various kitchen needs.

Packaging Picture
Packaging Picture
Equipment To Mash Potatoes
Equipment To Mash Potatoes

Client Satisfaction and Positive Feedback

Upon receiving the CY-JN500 automatic potato masher machine, our Russian client was not only impressed with its sleek design but also delighted by its exceptional performance. The machine’s ability to handle large quantities of potatoes efficiently and uniformly met and exceeded their expectations.

The client specifically praised the machine’s customized ground mesh sizes, allowing them to achieve the desired texture for different potato-based dishes. The 3/4/5/6mm options proved to be a game-changer, providing the flexibility needed for various culinary creations.

Furthermore, the CY-JN500’s user-friendly interface and easy maintenance were additional factors that contributed to our client’s satisfaction. The quick and efficient mashing process significantly enhanced their kitchen’s productivity, allowing them to serve their customers promptly without compromising on the quality of their dishes.