Spring Roll Rolling Machine Shipped to New Caledonia

Spring Roll Sheet
spring roll sheet

In September 2022, our customer in New Caledonia purchased a spring roll rolling machine from our company. This is a machine for making spring rolls. In the middle of September, we processed the shipment for the customer. The goods departed from Qingdao port and to date, the customer is in normal use of the machine.

Spring Roll Rolling Machine
spring roll rolling machine

Customer Background

According to the customer, he has a food factory. There was a problem with the old spring roll making machine he bought before. He originally wanted to repair it and then use it. But he found that the repair was expensive and there was a possibility of it breaking down again. So he wanted to buy a brand new spring roll machine with high output and good quality. Our salesman Camy quickly contacted the customer and sent him a video and pictures of the machine in action. After more than 1 month of communication, the customer chose to buy the machine from our company.

Parameters of spring roll rolling machine

Voltage380v50hz 3-phase electricity
Dia.of heat roller500*330mm
Electric Power13kw
Cutting power1kw
Sheet size26cm
Sheet thickness0.3-1.2mm
Chimney diameter10cm
Chimney length15cm
Shipment Picture
shipment picture

5 reasons why customers choose us

  1. The thickness of the spring roll skin is adjustable. Customers can adjust it between 0.3-1.2mm.
  2. The spring roll rolling machine can not only make round spring roll skin, but also make square spring roll skin.
  3. The machine works with low noise and long service life.
  4. Simple operation, 1 person can operate.
  5. The spring roll skin made is regular in shape and even in thickness.