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Meat Chicken Cutting Machine
meat chicken cutting machine
Taizy chicken cutting machine is a widely used meat cutting machine. You can use it to cut fish, poultry, ribs, and other meat. Easy to use.

This chicken cutting machine simulates the process of manual cutting. The chicken processing equipment adopts the principle of “variable speed mechanism” and “automatic feeding”. This meat cutter is meshed by the transmission device. Widely applicable to all kinds of poultry, meat, ribs, and other cutting processing. It can be processed into segments, blocks, dice, and other shapes.

Chicken cutting machine video

Introduction of chicken cutting equipment

This hen cutting machine has a reasonable design, superior performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and labor-saving, one machine can work for more than 700 kg per hour, greatly improving production efficiency.

Widely used in small and medium-sized food processing plants, collective canteens, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, supermarkets, and other places. It is the ideal processing equipment for the majority of users.

Speaking of fish, we also have an efficient fish filleting machine for sale, so you can also contact us if you need it.

Chicken Cutting Machine
chicken cutting machine

The application of the chicken cutting machine

The chicken cutting machine takes shape at one time, which is very clean and hygienic. It can be easily disassembled, cleaned, and replaced with different specifications and sizes quickly and conveniently.

This application of the meat cutting machine is very wide. which is widely used in supermarkets, restaurants, markets, small meat processing plants, student canteens, etc. It can cut poultry such as chicken, duck, and goose. also suitable for cutting fish, lamb, beef, etc.

The main components of the chicken meat cutting machine

The machine consists of a frame, a conveyor belt, a nip roll, a cutting board, and a gear mechanism. The combination cutter can cut chicken, duck, fish, goose, ribs, and many other things into different sizes of blocks, segments, and stripes. Eccentric wheels can adjust and cut lengths, and the adjustment range is 10-50mm.

The cutting tool simulates the principle of manual cutting and feeds the material intermittently using main and auxiliary crankshaft connecting rods. The processed material has a regular shape, good organization, and no waste, which greatly reduces the labor intensity.

The Cutter Of This Machine
the cutter of this machine

Parameter of the chicken cutting machine

Size mm1300*600*960
Triangular zoneB1016
Conveyor Belt310*1500MM
Section Length15-50MM
Chicken cutter machine with an output of 400-500kg/h per hour

Our chicken slicer can process 400-500kg of meat per hour. The weight of the machine is 250kg and the size is 1300x600x960mm. If you have other needs, please feel free to contact us, we will reply to you as soon as possible and give you reasonable suggestions.

Besides, the price of our poultry cutting machine is also very cost-effective. So far, we have exported our chicken cutting machine to Canada, the Philippines, Malaysia, the USA, Nigeria, India, and other countries. Due to the distance and tax rate, I can’t give you the exact price now. Please contact us for the latest price.

Detail Information
detail information

Installation and commissioning

  1. Place the chicken cutting equipment on a horizontal working site to ensure that the machine works smoothly and reliably.
  2. Check whether there is foreign matter on the conveyor belt of the chicken cutting machine and clean it up to avoid tool damage. Turn on the power supply to see if the direction of rotation of the motor is the same as that required by the chicken meat cutting machine.
  3. Try cutting before work, and observe whether the cut specifications are consistent with the requirements. Otherwise, we should adjust the length of the cut pieces to meet the requirements and then work normally.
  4. The lubricating oil should be added to the oil injection hole before start-up
  5. Install the tool. First, turn the eccentric wheel to lower the tool holder to the lowest point. After the knife is in contact with the chopping board, tighten the screw. The big knife and the row knife must be parallel. If they are not parallel, the knife will be connected and the knife will be easily broken.
  6. The knife is fastened to the knife holder, and the cutting force of the knife holder can be adjusted according to the material to be cut. If the strength is too light, it is easy to have a continuous cutting; if it is too heavy, it will easily damage the board.
A Real Shot Of Meat Cuutter
a real shot of meat cutter

Tool table adjustment of hen cutting machine

After using it for some time, if there is a continuous knife condition, it is generally caused by the wear of the chopping board, and the knife table needs to be adjusted downward.

Adjustment method

Use a wrench to loosen the lock nut on the connecting rod connected to the knife table on both sides of the fish cutter, rotate the lead screw counterclockwise, and the knife table descends; turn the lead screw clockwise to raise the knife table. The range of one adjustment is only one-quarter of a circle.

Section Length Adjustment

Rotate the eccentric wheel, and make the slider parallel. Loosen the lock nut, and move the eccentric wheel to the opening end, and the cutting block becomes larger; in the opposite movement, the cutting block becomes smaller. After adjustment, lock the lock nut.

Shipment Of The Meat Cutting Machine
shipment of the meat cutting machine

Advantages of the chicken cutting machine

  1. Functions are diverse. We can use it to cut fresh meat or slightly frozen meat. Meat pieces that need to be cut can carry a small amount of broken bone, but if large animal bones need to be cut, for example, beef bones, we have a special bone cutting machine for your choice.
  2. Conveyor belts can be made of a variety of materials. One is made of PVC and the other is made of board. Because the conveyor belt made of PVC is easy to replace, and the conveyor belt made of the board is more durable.
  3. The whole body of the hen cutting machine is made of stainless steel, which does not easily rust and is corrosive. In addition, the cutting knife is high manganese steel, which is not easy to damage.
  4. The machine can be custom-made Mecanum wheels for easy movement.
  5. The machine consists of eight cutter discs. The length of the slice can be adjusted in the range of 15-50 mm. However, the width of the slice is not adjustable.
  6. The machine is equipped with a compact chain, which is used to fix the meat pieces and not slide at will during the cutting process to ensure the shape of the cut pieces is complete.

Successful cases of the chicken cutter

As a reliable chicken cutting machine manufacturer, KFC has customized an all-stainless steel chicken cutting machine from our company for processing and cutting chicken.

Machine Inventory
machine inventory

How to maintain the meat cutting machine?

The chicken cutting machine can solve the difficulties of many food factories and improve work efficiency. In addition, it also saves a lot of labor costs. However, the maintenance of the equipment cannot be ignored. The equipment and people must be maintained, it needs you to cherish it carefully, the following is a detailed introduction to the maintenance methods of the chicken cutting machine.

Poor cutting

If it gets slower or difficult to cut, stop the machine check the cutting edge, and sharpen the blade with a sharpener.

Power operation

Unplug the power plug after using it.

Equipment cleaning

You shouldn’t flush the equipment directly with water.

Maintenance tip

Lubricate the swing guide rod weekly, and sharpen the blade with a sharpener.