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Salmon Slicer Machine
salmon slicer machine
Fish slicer simulates the principle of manual cutting and cuts fish into fish slices through the high-speed operation of the blade.

Fish slicer simulates the principle of manual cutting and cuts fish into fish slices through the high-speed operation of the blade. The machine adopts the oblique cutting method. So, the fish fillets cut out are large in area, regular in shape, and even in thickness, which solves the problem of time-consuming manual operation.

It is ideal for places that require fish processing such as sushi restaurants, hot pot restaurants, etc. In China, Japan, the United States, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Mozambique, and other countries where fish consumption is more popular.

working video of the fish slicer machine

Technical parameters of the fish meat slicer

NameSize (mm)Voltage (v)Power(kW)Weight(kg)CapacityRemarks
Fish slicer1030*700*8502201.62160200kg/hCan be customized
fish slicer machine technical data

As you can see from the chart, the dimensions of this electric fish fillet machine are 1030x700x850mm, and the output is 200kg/h. We can also customize the machine according to the customer’s needs.

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Fish Slicer
fish slicer

What is the function of a fish slicer?

The function of the fish cutting machine can be made into similar special shapes, especially some small sashimi. By processing the fish fillets into artificial fish fillets, the appearance is more beautiful, and the fish can be made into a similar appearance and full thickness. At the same time, it is also more suitable for cutting fish fillets. It only takes a few seconds to complete the health. The speed is very fast, and some healthy breeds.


How does the commercial fish fillet machine work?

The fish slicer machine is mainly composed of a fuselage, a cutter, a fish tank, a fish plate, a water outlet, a universal wheel, and a motor.

The electric salmon slicer adopts the one-key design, which is simple and convenient to operate. First, put the fish that has gone to the fish scales and the fish head on the material board, and then put the fish into the fish tank of the machine.

Then turn on the machine switch, the stainless steel knife set starts to swing at high speed left and right and the fish tank is continuously raised so that the fish gradually contacts the blade. It is finally cut into thin and even pieces of fish.

Introduction to the various parts of the fish meat slicer

  1. The fuselage is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel plate, and the plate is thickened to make it more durable.
  2. The knife set consists of 50-90 blades, which are inclined at 45 degrees. The blade is made of imported materials and has a special heat-treatment process. It is sharp and durable has a good cutting effect and meets food hygiene standards.
  3. Take the fish plate to avoid the worker directly taking the fish by hand, to prevent the hand from directly contacting the cutter and causing danger, and to ensure the personal safety of the operator.
  4. The overall design of the frozen fish slicer is excellent and the floor space is small. One-button design, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
The Structure Of The Fish Slicer
the structure of the fish slicer

Advantages of the fish slicer

  1. High work efficiency. The whole fish can be cut in 1-2 minutes, and the cut fish fillets are uniform in size and thickness. This machine is 5-10 times more efficient than the manual.
  2. It has a wide range of applications. This machine is suitable for processing slices of all kinds of fish, such as grass carp, blackfish, carp, tilapia, salmon, bass, and so on. Apart from being used for fish cutting, this machine can also be used for slicing other meat, etc.
  3. Support customization. The best fish slicer can handle any fish within 5 kilograms, beyond which customization can be supported.
  4. Data can be adjusted. The slice thickness, slice speed, and slice angle of the machine can be adjusted, and the adjustment is convenient. Slice thickness can be adjusted by variable speed infinitely, and the adjustment range is 1-40 mm. The adjustable range of cutter moving speed is 64-320 times per minute.
  5. Machine cleaning is convenient. The structure of the fish slicer is simple and easy to clean.
  6. The quality of the finished product is high. The blade is made of imported steel, the cutting is sharp, and it is not easy to produce a residue. The size of the cut fish is regular and the thickness is even. Formed once, no waste.
Commercial Fish Fillet Machine
commercial fish fillet machine

Where to buy an electric fish fillet machine?

Looking for the best places to purchase fish fillet machines? Whether you seek precision in fish cutting or efficiency in your kitchen operations, finding the right fish cutting equipment is crucial.

Explore a variety of options for fish fillet machines at reputable retailers and specialized kitchen appliance stores both online and offline. Discover a diverse range of fish cutting devices, from handheld slicers to advanced electric fish slicers, designed to meet your specific needs.

Taizy Food Machines, as a professional food machinery manufacturer, can provide you with the most suitable fish filleting machine for you.

Compare prices, features, and reviews to make an informed decision on the ideal fish slicer machine that suits your requirements.