Correct maintenance method for vegetable cutter machine

Single-Head Vegetable Cutter

As a food machine, the vegetable cutter often comes into contact with a wide variety of materials and ingredients. The chemical composition of these ingredients will cause various degrees of corrosion to the components of the cutting machine. Proper maintenance not only improves the efficiency of the equipment but also greatly extends the life of the equipment. Here are some specific conclusions for everyone:

First of all, all the maintenance of the shredder must be carried out with the power off.

Vegetable Cutter
Vegetable Cutter
  1. Cleaning and sanitation: The vegetable cutter needs to be cleaned in time after each use. Be sure to clean and ensure that there are no residues of ingredients or materials.
  2. Cleaning method: When cleaning the equipment, it is a mistake to flush the equipment directly with a water pipe. Wipe the surface of the equipment with a damp towel, and use a small brush to remove the residue from each corner.
  3. Oil-proof: Regularly apply oil to key components and screws. Use No. 20 engine oil. It is advisable to add 10 drops per time. The grease in the bearing is added and replaced according to the usage. Calcium base grease is generally used.
  4. Note: When using the vegetable cutter, do not put a stone or metallic substances to prevent the knife from cracking.
  5. Note: If the conveyor belt and the pressing belt are loose, adjust the tension bolt or adjust the spring pressure to the proper position. The tension or pressure at both ends of the conveyor belt should be basically equal, otherwise, the conveyor belt or the pressing belt will have deviated.
  6. Usage Note: After using the equipment for a period of time, check if the screws in each part are loose. If it is found to be loose, tighten the screws; if the screws appear slippery, replace them with new ones.
  7. Usage Note: When there are abnormal operation and noise, stop and check immediately. After troubleshooting, turn it back on.
  8. Usage Note: When not using the vegetable cutter for a long time, please place it in a dry and ventilated place.