Multi-function Vegetable Cutting Machine

Single-Head Vegetable Cutting Machine
single-head vegetable cutting machine

The multi-function vegetable cutting machine is an indispensable part of the kitchen equipment and can process a large amount of material in a short time.

Application Market of Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s dietary habits gradually develop to be convenient, fast and nutritious. The emergence of the multi-function vegetable cutting machine has greatly facilitated people’s life. And it has overcome the problem of hand-cut vegetables, such as unhealthy,  uneven size, large damage, and high cost. The invention of this machine has brought new development to high-efficiency food production.

What are the main components of the cutting machine?

  1. Operation panel: the operation panel is the control center of the cutting machine. It can control the machine switch, knife speed and conveyor speed, which is convenient and quick, and the operation is simple and clear.
  2. Conveyor belt: the conveyor belt is made of very good material, strong friction, and has a very long service life.
  3. Stainless steel cutter-head: the cutter-head is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is a very safe, hygienic, wear-resistant, prolonged service life, and has a variety of specifications to choose from.
  4. Electric box: the electric box adopts various safety precautions, can be waterproof and has a longer service life.
Double-Heaad Potato Cutting Machine
Double-Head Potato Cutting Machine

Structure Composition of Multi-function Vegetable Cutter

The multi-function vegetable cutting machine is composed of a feed port, a cutting knife, a rack, a control panel, and a motor. The machine is reasonably designed and easy to operate.

Introduction of multi-function vegetable cutting machine

The multi-function vegetable cutter is also called a three-in-one cutting machine. Because this machine can cut many different things. For example, this cutting machine can be used to cut vegetables and fruits, such as radishes, potatoes, onions, eggplant, grape, apple, pineapple and so on. What’s more, the multi-functional cutting machine can also be used in the pharmaceutical processing industry. The material can be diced, shredded and sliced by this machine. In addition, it has the characteristic of high output, easy to operate and clean. The machine body is made of 304 stainless steel, the knife dish is made of aluminum, while the cutter is made of 420 stainless steel. So you don’t have to worry about the food safety of this machine. It meets the food safety and hygiene standards of the United States.

Operation Method of Multifunction Vegetable Cutting Machine

In fact, it can be seen from the above video that the operation of the multi-function cutting machine is very simple, and the efficiency of this machine is very high. After the machine is powered on, it only takes two simple steps. First, press the switch; second, put in the material you want to cut. After a few seconds, you can get the cut material.

This machine operation panel adopts multi-functional integrated panel, the whole panel is simple and clear, and the design is thoughtful. In addition, this machine has a small footprint and convenient maintenance. It can be widely used in the central kitchens of enterprises, school canteens, and medicinal materials cutting.

Special attention

    1. The vegetable cutting machine can dice, shred and slice. The shape of the dishes can be changed by changing the knife dish. If you want a wavy shape, you can contact our customer service for customization.
    2. Multifunction vegetable cutter is divided into two types: single-head vegetable cutting machine and double-head vegetable cutter. And the difference between the two is that the double-head vegetable cutter has one more inlet than the single-head vegetable cutter, so the food processing efficiency is also a little higher. One side of the double-head vegetable cutter is used to cut vegetables of corm type, the other side is mainly used to cut vegetables of stem and leaf type. The single-head vegetable cutter has only one side to handle the material. But it has two inlet ports, the big one is responsible for cutting corm vegetables, and the small one is responsible for cutting stem and leaf vegetables.
    3. The output of the single-head cutter is 300-1000KG/H and the output of the double-head cutter is 600-1000KG/H.
    4. Each cutting machine is equipped with a magnetic touch switch (safety device), which can protect the safety of the user to the greatest extent. When you need to change the tool, you can provide power-off protection. That is, regardless of whether the machine is powered or not, it will stop immediately and will not operate.

Cutting Specifications of Multifunctional vegetable cutting machine

Ding size/mm Slice size /mm Shred size / mm
6,8,10,12,15,20,25 1-10 wave can be customized 2-8, 10 can be customized
8,10,12,15,20 2-10 2-10

Product parameters of multi-function vegetable cutter

Name Model Size Weight Power
single-head cutter CY-865 750*520*900MM 70KG 750W
double-head cutter CY-312 1100*600*1200MM 145KG 1370W

Advantages of Multifunction Vegetable Cutter

  1. The whole body of the machine is made of stainless steel, which not only meets the national food hygiene standards but also is durable.
  2. Install safety equipment to protect the safety of workers.
  3. Tool replacement is convenient, the blade is easy to disassemble and replace.
  4. Cutting vegetables quickly and efficiently. The working efficiency of this machine is equivalent to that of more than a dozen people working at the same time.
  5. The breakage rate of cut pieces is low, the cut surface is smooth, and the shape is regular.

Maintenance of Multifunction Vegetable Cutting machine

This machine has good performance. If customers pay attention to maintenance and operation skills when using it, it will be a good assistant.

  1. After each use, the door should be opened for cleaning. This machine is very convenient to clean, just rinse it with clean water.
  2. Special attention should be paid to not putting stones or metals into the inlet and outlet, so as not to damage the tool.
  3. When there are abnormal operations and noise, stop immediately and check.
  4. In addition, if you want to start a vegetable processing machinery, vegetable washing machine is necessary.
Stock Of The Onion Cutter
Stock Of The Onion Cutter
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