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Garri Production Line
Garri production line

Garri processing machine ( production line ) includes a variety of machines. According to the collocation of different kinds of machines, there are two kinds of production lines, i. e. automatic cassava flour production line and semi-automatic cassava flour production line. In order to meet the different requirements of customers, our company can help customers understand all kinds of machines. And we can design exclusive production lines according to the actual situation and requirements of customers.

Garri production line using the wet process of production, do not add any additives. The whole process is mature in technology, advanced in equipment, scientific in configuration and reasonable in process. The entire line of the process is cleaning and peeling – crushing – pressing dehydration – fermentation – grinding – stir/frying – screening.

Complete Garri Processing Machine
Complete Garri Processing Machine

So what machines are included in a complete Garri processing machine?

Firstly, the fermentation process is carried out under natural conditions, so no machine assistance is required. In the garri processing line, if you want to achieve fully automatic, then the hoist is one of the essential machines. In this case, we start with the process of cleaning and peeling, and the machines includes the following machines

  1. Cleaning and peeling machine
  2. Cassava crusher
  3. Press dehydrator
  4. grinder
  5. wok / Jacketed pot
  6. Three-stage screening machine

Introduction of Various Machines in Garri processing machines:

1. Cleaning and peeling machine 

This garri machine combines the two processes of cleaning and peeling. The purpose of cleaning is to remove sand, remove soil, peel, reduce starch ash, and also facilitate the work of the next process. Cleaning is carried out at the same time of transportation, so the feeding should be uniform. Too much there is no gap in the cage, and the cassava can not roll, failing to achieve the purpose of peeling and cleaning. Too little is not enough to produce. Inside the garri processing machine is a spiral mesh screen that can push the cassava in the chassis to rotate, so that the cassava is cleaned at all angles. There are seven rollers in the lower part of the chassis, and many small scrapers are attached to each of the rollers. The raised scrapers can remove the cassava’s scarfskin during rotation.

2. Cassava crusher 

Cassava crusher is the important machine in garri processing line.Since the cassava root is very long and has been lignified near the main part, it cannot be grind without being broken. The purpose of the crushing is to ensure that the grinder is operating normally. Some plants do not have a crushing process that increases the load on the grinder and reduces the service life.

When operating, pay attention to observe the temperature of the motor and the sound of the machine. If the sound suddenly decreases, it means that there is too much material in the crusher. At this time, the amount of feed should be reduced. The quality of crushing has a direct impact on the output of this round of work and the next process. This machine plays an important role in the Garri processing machine.

3. Press dehydrator

Cassava still contains a lot of water after washing, peeling and crushing. At this time, it needs to be dehydrated by press dehydrator. The machine is composed of three parts: press dehydration part, dehydration bucket, and loading table. Before the machine starts running, the material needs to be wrapped into a fine cloth to prevent the material from leaking out of the water outlet during the dewatering process. During the operation, the pressing plate is continuously pressed, and dehydration is carried out by continuously applying pressure to the material in the dewatering bucket. There are a lot of water outlet holes at the bottom of the dewatering bucket, and the squeezed water flows out of the holes to the loading table. There are grooves on both sides of the carrier platform, and the water flowing through the press will flow out. Very conducive to water discharge and collection.

4. Grinder of the Garri Processing Machine

The fermented cassava flour will condense into a lump again, and the coagulated cassava powder block needs to be ground for the second time. The grinding process is divided into the primary mill and secondary mill, so why should it be divided into two crushing? First, because cassava is too long, and there are too many lignified substances. If it is smashed once, there may still be large particles that have not been ground, which will affect the taste of the product. The second is to prevent the phenomenon of uneven heating due to different material sizes in the subsequent stir-frying process. Secondary grind is usually carried out after sieving.

5. wok / Jacketed pot

This machine has a variety of heating methods. The top of the machine is equipped with a motor that controls the spatula in the pan for mixing. There is a sandwich inside the machine, the first layer is the insulation layer, and the second layer is the heating layer. The bottom of the wok is designed with a discharge port, and the cooked cassava powder can be directly discharged from here. This design saves human resources and reduces labor costs. The ground cassava flour is stir-fried in this pot. The machine has the characteristics of uniform heating, convenient discharging and simple operation.

6. Three-stage garri sieving machine

Due to the phenomenon of uneven pulverization during the pulverization process, the granule size of the cassava powder is different, thereby affecting the taste of the food. Therefore, after the stir-fry, a screening process is required. This machine is called a three-stage screening machine because it can divide the material into three grades according to the fineness of the particle grinding. Each level has a discharge port, and the sieved material can be discharged as the machine vibrates. The larger particles will be put into the grinder again for the secondary grind. Ensure the quality and taste of the final product.

Special attention should be paid to:

The above machines are the main machines used for cassava processing. Strictly speaking, if you want to form a fully automatic garri production line, you need to add the hoist and the final packaging machine. Taizy machinery has different types of hoists and packaging machines with different output, you can choose according to your needs. Of course, the production line introduced at present is not fixed. If you feel that a machine can be replaced by a human, you can purchase it freely.

In addition, the choice of cassava raw materials is also crucial. The quality of starch has a great relationship with the selected raw materials. The cassava starch content of fewer than 10 months is low, and the old cassava of more than 24 months has been lignified. Continued processing and manufacturing will cause great difficulties in the crushing and grinding process. As a result of the decline in product quality and increased costs, both factors will bring direct economic damage. Therefore, the first step must be to ensure the quality of raw materials.

If you have other needs, such as a Garri processing machine with a larger output, or help you to design a workshop, please contact us. We are looking forward to working with you.


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