Current status and future development trend of cassava industry

Raw Metariel--Cassava
raw metariel--cassava

The cassava processing industry covers a wide range of industries, including the cassava planting industry, the starch, and the alcohol processing industries. The real market and the potential market are huge in various fields involving the national economy, people’s livelihood, and people’s lives. And it has extremely broad development prospects.

Cassava planting industry status:

At present, there are almost 70 countries plant cassava. According to statistics, the world’s cassava planting area is about 16.58 million hectares, the total output of fresh potatoes is about 166 million tons, and the average yield of fresh potatoes is 10.14 tons/ha. The country with the largest cassava planting area in the world is Nigeria, with 3.5 million hectares. Followed by Congo (DRC), Brazil, Indonesia, and Thailand. China’s cassava planting area accounts for about 1.5% of the world’s total planting area.

Garri Made By Cassava
Garri Made By Cassava

Currently, cassava is mainly used to make starch, modified starch, and alcohol. Today, we mainly discuss the production and processing prospects of Garri powder.

The main workflow of the Garri production line includes: washing and peeling – crushing – press dewatering – fermentation – crushing – stir-frying – screening – breaking again.

Garri Production Line
Garri Production Line

Cleaning and peeling are mainly used to remove sediment and the cassava’s epidermis. Studies have shown that the content of hydrocyanic acid in the cassava epidermis is the highest, and hydrocyanic acid may cause cell suffocation and death, causing extremely serious damage to the human body. Therefore, the skin of the cassava must be completely removed, and the peeling rate of this machine can be as high as 98%.

Fermentation mainly produces the taste of acid, and in the process of fermentation, a large number of active bacteria will be produced, and proteins, amino acids and the like will be more beneficial to the human body to absorb and have great advantages for enhancing immunity and preventing diseases.

Cassava Processing
Cassava Processing

The current development trend of cassava Processing technology is:

  1. Pay attention to the breeding of high-yield, high-starch varieties.
  2. From extensive management to intensive management.

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