How much is a packaging machine

The Packaging Machine
the packaging machine

In recent days, many customers have asked us about the price of a packaging machine. It can be said that this is a problem that many people care about. Compared to manual packaging machines, the price of fully automatic packaging machines is slightly higher.

Although the prices of full-automatic packaging machines on the market are different,some is high and some are low, but the prices are usually more than 10,000 yuan. Regarding the specific price of the packaging machine, it still depends on the configuration of the machine and the packaging needs of the buyer. In this article, I will talk about the price of fully automatic packaging machines.

First kind of packaging machine

There are many types of packaging machines, and the prices of different types of machines are of course different. At present, the best-selling packaging machines on the market include vacuum packaging machines, paste packaging machines, granule packaging machines, horizontal solid packaging machines, tea packaging machines, capsule packaging machines and so on. Their prices range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. At this time you will know that the price of the packaging machine is closely related to the items you want to pack.

Recommendations for buying a packaging machine

As a leader in the food packaging industry, Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery recommends that when buying a fully automatic packaging machine, you should not only consider the price but also pay attention to the performance, function, and stability of the machine. Of course, company strength and after-sales service are also key factors that must be considered. The cheaper the better or the more expensive the machine, the better, these two concepts are wrong. The purchase of machines must be comprehensively considered.

Different Types Of Packaging Machine
Different Types Of Packaging Machine

The price of the machine is related to the later use

In the later use process, you will find that the maintenance cost of a good machine is significantly lower than that of a poor quality machine. Although there is no 100% perfect product and no 100% does not require after-sales equipment, but we can minimize the failure rate of the machine through technical means.

Taizy packaging machine customers use eight years without maintenance

One of our customers, Dylan, has been using our equipment for 8 years. There is almost no after-sale maintenance, and the maintenance cost is almost zero. Many manufacturers have set up a warranty period for the machine at present, and if the machine is damaged during the warranty period, it can be repaired of no charge. However, the travel expenses of the after-sales staff still have to be spent. Therefore, buying a good quality automatic packaging machine will naturally save a lot of trouble for future use. This is undoubtedly a key consideration when buying fully automatic packaging machines, and the price can be compromised for quality.

We have more than 10 years of R & D, production and sales experience in the packaging industry. Whether it is machine manufacturing or details control, we have strict requirements. At any time, we will take the customer’s perspective and consider it for our customers, and strive to simplify the operation, precise the control, stable the operation, reasonable the price. In order to improve the quality of packaging machines in all aspects, and reduce customer investment costs.