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Automatic Granule Packing Machine
automatic granule packing machine

Fully automatic granule packing machine has a wide range of applications. It can be used in the food industry, chemical industry, hardware industry, traditional Chinese medicine industry and so on. This packing machine is not suitable for paste and liquid products. Paste pumps or Self-priming pumps are needed for the packaging of such items. If you can’t judge what type of packaging machine your item is suitable for, you can contact our customer service to find out.

Automatic granule packing machine application

Although this machine is called a granule packing machine, it can be used not only for packaging granules.  It has a wide range of applications, suitable for all solid sheets, granular, spherical, and blocky items. According to the type of material it packs, it can be divided into:

  1. Food Industry. It is suitable for packaging large shell nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, and pistachios; snack foods such as candy, melon seeds, lover plum, peanuts, nuts, and chocolate; and puffed food such as potato chips and shrimp strips.
  2. Chemical industry, and hardware industry. Can be used to package screws, nuts, desiccants, and other items.
  3. Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry. For example Chinese herbal pieces, Codonopsis pilosula, Poria cocos, etc.
  4. Pet industry. For example cat litter, pet food, fish feed, etc.
Taizy Granule Packing Machine
taizy granule packing machine

Features of the seal packing machine

  1. This machine has two weighing methods: One is a turntable and the other is an electronic scale. Compared to the turntable, the electronic scale is more accurate.
  2. Electronic weighing and packaging design: This machine adopts the world’s advanced microcomputer chip control, weighing accurately, improving the speed of weighing and packaging.
  3. High precision, small target weighing: Choosing the best combination, achieving high precision and high speed;
  4. Simple and high-speed operation: Microcomputer control, 5-inch large-screen LCD display, easy operation, and maintenance;
  5. Accurate positioning: With the photoelectric eye tracking detection, the two bags are accurately sealed and cut. In addition, you can choose to install: date printer, exhaust or inflatable device.
  6. Space-saving: unique one-piece weighing packaging design, which greatly reduces the height of the machine and saves space;
  7. Fast return: The number of raw materials and labor costs is largely saved.
  8. Various forms of sealing: can meet three-side seal, four-side seal, back seal, and triangular cone package.
  9. Fault alarm function: It has a fault alarm function, and the fault is automatically displayed on the operation interface for easy maintenance.
  10. Automatic stop function: It has the function of self-stop without Packaging film and self-stop of material shortage.

How do packing machines work?

The granule packing machine is mainly composed of a feeding system, a weighing system, a heating sealing system, a control panel and so on.

  1. The material is added to the weighing hopper by the feeding mechanism.
  2. Weighing mechanism begins to weigh according to the set value. Fast feeding is carried out at the beginning, and after reaching a certain threshold, slow feeding is entered. Finally, The feeding steps are completed.
  3. After the feeding completion signal is input, the weighing valve of the weighing bucket is automatically opened. After the loading process is completed, the weighing valve of the weighing bucket is automatically closed. The material bag is automatically loosened and dropped onto the conveyor belt and sent to the sewing machine to be the next step. At the same time, the control panel controls the machine to enter the next cycle.
Factory Stock
factory stock

The parameters of the granule packing machine

Since there are many types of granule packing machine in Taizy food machinery, they are not listed here. Take the THB4-120E-Z3D triangular automatic granule packing machine as an example to introduce to you:



Packaging speed


Bag length


Bag width






Packing Capacity


Boundary dimension


Packaged form

Back seal

( Above parameters are able to be adjusted according to the customer’s request.)