How much money can you earn by using a rice cake maker?

Rice Cake Making Machine
rice cake making machine

The rice cake maker uses nutritious barley, rice, wheat, brown rice, glutinous rice and other grains as raw materials. The final product is 80mm in diameter and about 8mm in thickness. It is a kind of low-fat, healthy snack food.

The market advantage of rice cake maker:

  1. The market is blank, with the characteristics of less investment and quick income.
  2. It is a kind of green and healthy weight-loss food, which uses grains as raw materials and does not add oil, sugar and other additives in the production process. The final product is crisp and easy to digest.
  3. There are no off-season sales, the market space is broad, and every day there is rich income.

Market profit analysis of rice cake maker: (based on the Chinese market):

  1. Special nutritious rice can produce 160 rice cakes per kilogram. This machine can make about 450 rice cakes per hour. Take 8 hours of work per day as an example, 450*8=3600 rice cakes can be produced in one day.
  2. Special nutritional rice raw materials needed per hour: 450 ÷ 160 = 2.815 kg, raw materials needed for 8 hours of continuous production: 2.815 * 8 = 22.52 kg. If the cost per kilogram of rice is 16 yuan, the daily cost of raw materials required is 22.52 * 16 = 360.32 (RMB)
  3. The electricity cost is 0.9 kWh per hour, and the electricity cost per kWh is 0.9 yuan. The electricity cost for making a rice cake is 0.9÷450=0.002(RMB).
  4. The electricity cost per kilogram of raw material is 0.002*160=0.32RMB, then the daily electricity cost is 0.32*22.52=7.2RMB.
  5. Each time a rice cake is made, it will incur a wear cost of 0.02RMB. Then, the wear cost per kilogram of rice is 0.02*160=3.2RMB. The daily equipment wear cost is 22.52*3.2=72RMB
  6. Each rice cake is sold at a price of 0.6 yuan, then the sales income per kilogram is 0.6*160=96 yuan, and the daily sales income is 96*22.52=2161RMB.
  7. Daily net profit = sales revenue – raw material cost – electricity fee – equipment wear and tear fee, 2161-1300.32-7.2-72=1721.48RMB
  8. Work 22 days a month, the monthly profit is 1721.48*22=37872.56RMB.


Therefore, investing in a rice cake maker as a business project of your own, the benefits of harvest are very considerable.