Shrimp Cracker Production Line | Prawn Cracker Making Machine

Shrimp Slicer Production Line
shrimp slicer production line

This Shrimp Cracker Production Line is a high-end food production line in Taizy food machinery. It has another name- shrimp chips production line. With the help of the Shrimp Cracker Production Line, you can get the prawn crackers you want in a very short time. Shrimp crackers, also known as potato and shrimp slices, shrimp flavor potato chips, shrimp sticks, etc. It is a puffed food processed with shrimp powder and starch. Because of its cheap price, delicious taste, crispy and delicious, nutritious characteristics, it is very popular with consumers. In particular, colorful prawn crackers are more popular with children.

Shrimp Cracker Production Line
Shrimp Cracker Production Line

How is a prawn cracker made?

  1. First, use a blender to mix the ingredients for making shrimp chips. The raw materials include cornstarch (tapioca flour), shrimp oil, shrimp meal, shrimp paste, monosodium glutamate, and water, etc. These ingredients are then mixed together evenly. After mixing, the raw materials become flocculent. This machine is the first step in making shrimp chips. And this mixer can also be used in the noodle production line.
  2. Then use the extruder to extrude the above-mentioned mixed raw materials through the grinding tool to extrude the cylindrical billet.
    This extruder has the function of ripening and mixing raw materials, and is an important part of the prawn crackers production line. After the raw materials are poured into the feeder, the machine can solidify the mixed raw materials by generating energy through screw rotation and extrusion.
  3. Then feed the raw material into the molding machine. The main machine of the molding machine enters the molding machine by extruding the billet. And then passes through the mold to make shrimp sticks with a diameter of 2cm-5cm. The shrimp slice extruder (former) is special equipment for the prawn cracker making machine.
  4. Then the shrimp stick cutting machine will cut the shrimp sticks into long shrimp sticks with a length of 50cm-150cm. The length of the shrimp sticks can be adjusted on request.
  5. Finally, cut the shrimp sticks into shrimp slices with a thickness of 0.6mm-3.5mm with a slicer. Before using the slicer, check the looseness of the bolts of each part and whether the blade is sharp or not. Make sure there is no problem before slicing. Before each slicing, you need to rub a little oil on the blade in advance. Customer can adjust the thickness of the shrimp chips according to their needs. The fast feeding speed can cut the thick shrimp chips. And the lower feeding speed can cut the shrimp chips into thin slices.

Features of the shrimp cracker production line

  1. Prawn cracker machine are very suitable for snack food factories and restaurants.
  2. prawn cracker making machine can make shrimp cake. The raw material includes corn, starch, and flour.
  3. Accurate measurement, high efficiency, and no damaged materials.
  4. The machine has stable performance, a wide application range, and simple operation.
  5. Depending on the cutting speed, the shrimp cake is variable.
    The shape and size of biscuits can be customized into round, square, rectangular, oval or other shapes
Finished Products
Finished Products

Installation and use of Prawn Crackers Processing Line

  • Before using the curing machine, add 2 liters of oil into the gearbox.
  • You should install the Prawn Cracker Making Machine on a flat and solid concrete ground.
  • Check whether the Automatic Prawn Cracker Production Line parts are complete and whether the bolts are firm.
  • After confirming that the parts are in good condition, turn on the power and let the machine idle for 2-3 minutes. If there are no other exceptions, you can start working.
  • Pour the mixed starch raw materials into the feeder in the barrel and run for 1-2 minutes until the temperature in the barrel rises. Then adjust the speed of the feeder.
Prawn Cracker Making Machine
Prawn Cracker Making Machine

This is our Thai Prawn Crackers Production Line. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.