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Potato Chips Making Machine
potato chips making machine

We are the chips making machine manufacturer. Our potato chip production lines are exported to the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Because this automatic potato chip line is low investment and profitable. As an experienced producer of chips making machines manufacturer, our potato chip production line has a processing capacity of 150 kg/h, 300 kg/h, and 1000 kg/h. At the same time, we can also customize the machine according to your requirements.

Advantages of potato chip production line

  1. Proven technology, simple and safe operation.
  2. The potato fryer adopts oil-water mixing technology, and the sediment is easy to clean.
  3. Potato chips have less oil residue.
  4. As a responsible potato chip machine manufacturer, our potato chips making line is made of stainless steel, which has the characteristics of safety and long service life.
  5. You can customize the production line that meets your requirements according to your needs
Potato Chips
potato chips

How do they make chips in a factory?


Our vegetable washing machine can easily help you clean potatoes and other vegetables.

Peeling and cutting

A potato peeling and cutting machine is a machine integrating cutting and peeling functions. Carrots, cassava and other root vegetables can also be processed.


A potato slicer can cut potatoes into slices and blocks.


The potato chip blanching machine is used to blanch slice and strip potatoes. This machine made by Taizy chips making machine manufacturer is characterized by uniform heat transfer and uniform temperature and time control. The main purpose of blanching is to ensure that potato chips are bright in color and crispy.

Potato Blanching Machine
potato blanching machine


Boiled potato chips contain a lot of water. If not dehydrated and fried, it will not only cause oil splashing and danger but also affect the taste of potato chips. Our potato chip dehydrator adopts the centrifugal principle to remove the moisture on the surface of potato chips through a fast-rotating barrel.


Frying is the most important step in the potato chip production line. The potato chip frying machine is also the most important machine for chip making machine manufacturers. In the process of frying, the temperature of edible oil should be controlled at about 180 ℃. Remove the potato chips when they are golden and soft.



Too much fat in potato chips will affect the taste and be harmful to health. Thus, degreasing will make fried food more crispy and delicious.


This step is based on the potato chip manufacturer flavoring the potato chips according to their own wishes. We have a seasoning machine to help you do this.

Seasoning Machine
Seasoning machine


The last step is to pack potato chips in a vacuum packaging machine.

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