Sri Lankan order for ultraviolet sterilizer

Foreign Friends Test Machine
Foreign Friends Test Machine

Recently, customers from Sri Lanka have ordered ultraviolet sterilizer from our company, mainly for the disinfection of tea. Sri Lankan black tea is one of the world’s three major black teas, and it is known for its bright color and mellow taste. However, since the roughly processed tea contains a large amount of mold, it will not only affect the quality of the tea but also cause harm to the human body, so the sterilization of the tea is crucial.

Why does customer choose ultraviolet sterilizer to disinfect?

Tea as a special material, using high temperature and pressure or water bath sterilization will affect the taste of tea. Ultraviolet sterilizer uses physical sterilization method, which not only isolates the erosion of chemical substances on materials but also isolates the damage of materials caused by high temperature and high pressure. It is an ideal sterilization method. Sterilization by this method not only protects the integrity of raw materials to the greatest extent but also effectively kills more than 99% of bacteria.

Inner Part Of Machine
The Inner Part Of The Machine

What are the characteristics of ultraviolet sterilizers?

  1. UV sterilizer can be used for sterilization of bacteria, microorganisms, viruses, etc.
  2. Ultraviolet light can also be used for photolysis of chloride in water.
  3. Small footprint, easy operation, and easy maintenance.
  4. Physical sterilization, without adding chemical elements, will not cause pollution to the natural environment.
  5. Mirror reaction chamber, 360 degrees no dead angle illumination, 360-degree all-round sterilization.
Detail Information Of Uv Sterilizer
Detail Information Of Uv Sterilizer

Technical parameters of  ultraviolet sterilizer:

  1. Machine total length: 2000mm
  2. Working area total length: 1200mm
  3. Working area total width: 400mm
  4. Entrance and exit height: 0-200mm
  5. Conveyor belt: PVC material, Teflon grid
  6. Total power: 2.5kw
  7. Conveyor belt conveying speed: 0-5m/min
  8. Voltage: 220v


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