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Ultraviolet Sterilizer1
Ultraviolet sterilizer1
The ultraviolet food sterilization machine is a new type of food sterilizer that uses UV rays to cause fatal damage to a variety of bacteria.

The Ultraviolet food sterilization machine is a new type of sterilizing machine that uses ultraviolet rays to cause fatal damage to a variety of bacteria, and the sterilization rate can reach 100%. In addition, due to its characteristics of not adding any chemical substances in the sterilization process, this sterilization method is also favored by the food processing industry, the water treatment industry, and the pharmaceutical industry.

uv food sterilizer machine

Introduction of the ultraviolet food sterilization machine

The main body of the UV sterilizer is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel. The internal polishing of the main body is used to enhance the irradiance of ultraviolet rays, to ensure that no incomplete disinfection and sterilization will occur during the process.

At present, people use the principle of ultraviolet sterilization to introduce the hospital’s professional sterilization technology into daily life.

Indoor, home, car, refrigerator, and industrial sterilizers use high-frequency C-band ultraviolet radiation to destroy the DNA of various microorganisms in 20 seconds to 1 minute, killing 99% of bacteria and viruses, including influenza, hepatitis virus, salmonella, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis black, color mutant spores and a variety of fungi and allergens.

Providing people with a safe living environment. Therefore, they are especially suitable for quick sterilization and disinfection of food, medicine, cosmetics, tableware, personal and public goods, and other articles.

Food Sterilizer Machine
food sterilizer machine

Application of the ultraviolet food sterilization machine

The ultraviolet food sterilization machine (UV sterilizer) has the advantages of high stability of irradiation intensity and up to 9000 hours of sterilization life. UV radiation belongs to low-energy electromagnetic radiation. Its wavelength is relatively short and its penetration ability is relatively weak. Therefore, except for special quartz glass which can penetrate 80%, most substances cannot or can only penetrate a small amount of ultraviolet radiation.

This UV sterilizer machine is equipped with a quartz glass tube with high transmittance. And the transmittance is more than 87%. what’s more, the unit price is moderate than that of similar products. After a sterilizing life of 8000 hours, the irradiation intensity is stable at 253.7um, which is more stable than the domestic similar products. In addition, there is a sound and light alarm warning when the lamp is broken.

The inner tunnel of the fuselage working area is designed with a high-brightness mirror sterilization reaction chamber. Compared with similar products abroad, the bactericidal strength is increased by 18%-27%, and the bactericidal rate can reach 98.99%.

Application Of The Uv Sterilizer
application of the UV sterilizer


Ultraviolet food sterilizer applicable places

Ultraviolet sterilization is a purely physical disinfection method with no secondary pollution, so it is suitable for a variety of fields that require disinfection, such as hospitals, research institute laboratories, electronics manufacturing, medicine, various beverages, beer and food processing, tap water disinfection, etc.

Compared with traditional disinfection technology, ultraviolet disinfection technology has overcome the shortcomings of traditional disinfection technology. In addition, in the process of disinfection, no chemical substances are added and no harmful toxins are left. It has an excellent disinfection effect.

Performance parameter of the ultraviolet food sterilizer

Product Name: Ultraviolet Food Sterilizer
Model: HT-UV-2000
This product conforms to GB 4789.2, GB 4789.3, GB 4789.4, GB 4789.5 and GB 4789.10.

The main dimension of UV food sterilizer

  1. Full length of equipment: 2000mm
  2. Working area: 1200mm
  3. Feeding area: 400 mm
  4. Discharge area: 400mm
  5. Entrance and exit height: 0-200 mm (adjustable)
  6. Conveyor Belt Distance to Ground: 750+20mm
Detail Information Of Ultraviolet Sterilizer
detail information of Ultraviolet food sterilizer


Construction of the main body of uv food sterilizer

  1. Tunnel outer body in the working area: 1.2mm high-quality stainless steel
  2. Tunnel cavity in the working area: 1.2mm mirror stainless steel plate
  3. Body Support Frame: Fangtong Steel
  4. Air transportation system: forced combined air extraction fan (extraction of harmful gases).
  5. Conveyor belt: Teflon mesh belt
  6. Lamp height: 200mm.
  7. Balance Device: Horizontal Foot Cup
Food Sterilization Equipment
food sterilization equipment

Equipment electrical part

  • Master Switch: 15A
  • Total power: 2.5KW
  • Speed regulating the range of mesh belt: 0-5m/min
  • Transport motor: 800W (frequency converter speed control)
  • Speed Governor: 500W (Electronic Stepless Frequency Converter Speed Regulation, Digital Display Speed Operation)
  • Exhaust fan: CY-125
  • Amperometry: 50A set
  • Voltmeter: 220V set
  • Operating Voltage: 220V (+5) Three-wire 50Hz

Sterilizing device of the ultraviolet food sterilizer

1. Effective Radiation of Ultraviolet Light Source. The lamp length is 900mm, and the effective light distance is 950mm.

2. 16 * 20W ultraviolet lamp tubes are equipped in all directions from top to bottom, and 360 degrees are sterilized in all directions. In addition, each tube is equipped with a separate control switch that can be operated independently.

Inner Part Of The Uv Sterilizer
inner part of the UV sterilizer

Protection device

  1. Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protection. The over-current protection device is that when the power supply voltage is higher than a certain value, the protector cuts off the line; when the power supply voltage restores to the normal range, the protector automatically turns on. The overvoltage protection device is that when the current exceeds the set current, the device automatically powers off to protect the equipment.
  2. Fault alarm alert. When the equipment fails, the alarm device will give an alarm for the first time to minimize the damage value.
  3. Equipment overload protection. When the carrying weight of the conveyor belt exceeds the normal range, the equipment will automatically remind you to avoid damaging the machine.
Detail Part Of This Machine
detail part of this machine

Characteristic of the UV light for food sterilization

  1.  It can quickly and effectively kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.
  2.  Chloride in water can be effectively degraded by photolysis.
  3. Simple operation and convenient maintenance.
  4. Small area and large capacity.
  5. No pollution, strong environmental protection, no toxic and side effects.
  6.  The investment cost is low, the operation cost is low, and the equipment installation is convenient.
  7. Using the optical principle, a unique inner wall treatment process was designed to maximize the use of ultraviolet radiation in the chamber, and the bactericidal effect was doubled.

Usage notices

  1. Ultraviolet disinfector is strictly prohibited from starting frequently, especially in a short time.
  2.  According to the water quality, the ultraviolet lamp tube and quartz glass sleeve need to be cleaned regularly. Moreover, the test tube should be wiped with an alcoholic cotton ball, or gauze, to avoid affecting the ultraviolet transmittance.
  3. When replacing the lamp tube, please check whether there is water leakage, and then plug in the power supply. Be careful not to touch the quartz glass of the new lamp tube with your fingers, otherwise, the sterilization effect will be affected by the stain.
  4. Preventing ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation also has an effect on the human body to some extent. When starting the disinfection lamp, we should avoid direct radiation on the human body. If necessary, we should use protective glasses. We should not directly face the light source with the eyes, to avoid burning the eye film.
Ultraviolet Sterilizer
Ultraviolet food sterilizer

Pay attention

  1. Shipment. The food sterilization machine is shipped in wooden cases to reduce the risk of wastage during transportation. Generally, small machines can be transported nearby for only 3-8 days. If you customize a special machine model, we need extra time to make the machine or its parts, which takes a little longer, but most of it is controlled within 30-50 days.
  2. About after-sales. The warranty period is two years. During this period, if you have any quality problems, please contact our online customer service to reflect the situation, we will provide you with a warranty or replacement service.
  3. Generally speaking, the conveyor belt of this machine is the Teflon mesh conveyor belt. By the way, but if you have special needs, such as handling some powdered goods, you can customize the PVC transparent conveyor belt.
Time-Table Of The Sterilization
time-table of the sterilization

Successful cases

Kruz, Philippines, owns a banana slice factory. He found this ultraviolet food sterilizer when he visited our food website. He was very interested in this non-toxic and harmless sterilization mode without adding any chemicals. Soon, he contacted our sales manager for details. After negotiation, he decided to visit our company in person. During the inspection, he expressed his satisfaction with the use of the machine and placed an order immediately.

Foreign Friends Test Machine
Foreign Friends Test Machine

Here, we express our great welcome to any international friends to visit our company on the spot. Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a complete system of equipment production, research, and development, sales in one. We have experience and confidence in facing any professional and technical problems and look forward to your cooperation.

How long does it take for ultraviolet light to kill bacteria?

Ultraviolet rays can cause irreversible damage to bacterial DNA. For different bacteria, the sterilization time required is not the same. The following schedule will tell you the exact time required for sterilization:

How does a UV sterilizer work?

Ultraviolet radiation is an invisible light wave, which exists outside the violet end of the spectrum, so it is called ultraviolet radiation. Each ultraviolet photon with a wavelength of 253.7 nm has an energy of 4.9 eV. When ultraviolet rays irradiate microorganisms, energy transfer and accumulation occur, which results in the inactivation of microorganisms, thus achieving the purpose of disinfection.

When bacteria and viruses absorb more than 3600-65000uW/c, they can destroy deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and nucleonucleic acid (RNA) of bacteria and viruses. They can make bacteria and viruses lose their viability and fecundity, and then destroy bacteria and viruses, so as to achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization.

On the one hand, ultraviolet radiation can mutate nucleic acid, hinder its replication, transcription blockade and protein synthesis; on the other hand, the production of free radicals can cause photoionization, leading to cell death. The sterilization principle of the ultraviolet food sterilization machine is to destroy the cell structure of the bacterial virus or the like by using ultraviolet rays.

The bactericidal intensity is proportional to the irradiation intensity of the lamp tube and inversely proportional to the distance of the irradiated disinfectant. When the irradiation intensity is constant, the longer the irradiated disinfectant stays, the closer it is to the germicidal lamp, the better its germicidal efficacy, and vice versa.

The machine body is made of mirror stainless steel, reflecting ultraviolet rays 360 degrees in all directions, and maximizing the intensity of ultraviolet radiation. In addition, the sterilization time is controlled within 3-5 minutes, which fully guarantees the sterilization time.