The ultraviolet sterilizer has been shipped to the United States

Food Sterilizer In Stock
food sterilizer in stock

Commercial UV sterilizers are becoming more and more popular in the international market. The Taizy factory exports dozens of UV sterilizers to foreign countries every month. The ultraviolet sterilization equipment is widely used, not only for sterilization of various foods but also for the sterilization of medical supplies and daily necessities, such as face masks.

Due to the strong sterilization ability and good sterilization effect, the machine played a great role during the epidemic. Many customers purchased this machine for rapid sterilization of various items in the factory. Especially in the mask processing factory, the processing efficiency of this automatic sterilization machine is very high, and the masks produced can be quickly and thoroughly sterilized.

Ultraviolet Sterilizer
Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Main features of the UV sterilizer machine

The ultraviolet sterilizer is mainly composed of two parts: the main body and conveyor belt. The main part of the machine includes the body shell, internal ultraviolet lamp, sensor, power controller, and so on. The length of the conveyor belt of this ultraviolet sterilizer can be customized, the common ones are 2 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters, etc.

Details about the United States’ order for the UV food sterilizer

The American customer has a farm in Hickman, which mainly raises chickens, and then sells live chickens and fresh eggs to the market. Due to the need for production and the expansion of the business scope, the customer needs to purchase sterilization equipment to sterilize the boiled eggs.

Uv Sterilizer Machine For Shipment
Uv Sterilizer Machine For Shipment

Our sales consultant recommended him a UV sterilizer with a length of 2 meters. After careful consideration, the American customer believes that the length of 2 meters is too short, which may also affect the processing capacity of the machine.

Subsequently, according to the needs of customers, we provided a purchase plan for the delivery of ultraviolet sterilizers with a length of 5 meters. And provide detailed machine parameters, quotations, and work videos. The customer was very satisfied and soon paid the full amount. Our factory also quickly arranged for shipment, the machine has arrived in the United States in the middle of last month.