How to Choose the Best Food Sterilization Equipment?

Uv Sterilizer
UV Sterilizer
  1. The surface of the UV food sterilization equipment exposed to ultraviolet radiation shall be polished in advance.
  2. The disinfection lamp of the ultraviolet food sterilizer shall be manufactured according to the drawings and technical documents approved by the technical management regulations and procedures.
  3. Components of the same model or type of best UV sterilizers shall be interchangeable to avoid unnecessary consequences.
  4. The deflector shall be set in the barrel or box.
  5. The sterilizer shall be equipped with inlet and outlet pipes, drain pipes, and sampling pipes. When the sterilizer is inconvenient to place the drain pipe, it can also be installed on the connecting pipe at the same place as the machine.
  6. The UV food sterilization equipment shall be equipped with light tube ignition indication, ignition cumulative time indication, or relative indication of ultraviolet radiation intensity.
  7. The working pressure of the pressure cylinder shall not be less than 0.60MPa, and the test pressure shall not be less than 0.90MPa.
  8. The lamp tube shall be separated from water by a quartz glass casing. The transmittance of 253.7mm ultraviolet rays shall be greater than 85%. The low-voltage electrical apparatus selected for the food sterilizer shall meet the technical requirements of the corresponding products.
  9. The arrangement of ultraviolet sterilization UV lamp shall make the ultraviolet intensity on the ultraviolet radiation surface evenly distributed.
  10. When there are high requirements for the environment, low ozone type lamps should be preferred to reduce the pollution of ozone to the environment.
Food Sterilization Equipment
food sterilization equipment


As one of the sterilization equipment, uv lamp has been used more and more widely. As there are many factors that affect the germicidal efficacy of ultraviolet food sterilization equipment, more attention must be paid in the selection and use.