Turkish customers purchase 500kg/h French fries production line

Picking Potatoes
Picking potatoes

The French fries production line consists of a series of machines. The most complete production process starts with cleaning and peeling, and ends with packing. Not long ago, customers from Turkey sent an inquiry to our company about the 500 kg/h potato chips production line. After in-depth understanding and exchanges, customers trust our company more and more and ultimately choose to order in our company.

So why do customers choose us?

  1. Excellent machine quality. The entire production line is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to rust and is not easy to corrode. The motors are all internationally renowned brands. We clearly know that excellent quality is the foundation to attract customers and build brands.
  2. Reasonable price. The price of each machine is customized according to the cost and examining of the market price. We strive to achieve reasonable pricing and win-win cooperation.
  3. Intimate pre-sale and after-sale service. As for pre-sale service, every customer service in the company has been trained for a long time, can patiently answer every customer’s questions, stand on the customer’s position, consider for customers, recommend the most suitable products to customers, etc.

Regarding after-sales service, we will take any problems that customers reflect seriously and solve them as soon as possible.

French Fries Production Line
French Fries Production Line

About the French fries production line:

  1. The output of the French fries production line sold by our company ranges from 100kg/h to 1000kg/. The range is very large.
  2. Customers can purchase fully automatic or semi-automatic production lines according to actual needs.
  3. If the customer has a demand, we can also assist the customer to design the production line and calculate the plant area.
Potato Strips
Potato Strips