Which brand of oil press is good?

Screw Oil Press Machine
screw oil press machine

Screw oil press can be used to press many kinds of materials, such as sesame, peanut, soybean, castor, etc. Now the market of screw oil press is more and broader, and it is welcomed by more and more consumers. The principle of the screw oil press is physical press. When the oil material enters the press equipment, under the double force of temperature and pressure, the oil cells in the material are destroyed to achieve the purpose of oil output. Recently, the customer service of the Taizy group has received constant inquiries from customers: how much is an oil press?

Price has always been a concern for customers. As a professional oil press manufacturer, I can’t help but ask, what is a good oil press? How to define what is good?

Application Of The Screw Oil Press Machine
Application Of The Screw Oil Press Machine Application Of The Screw Oil Press Machine

Here, I will tell you how to choose an oil press and how to buy an oil press at a suitable price.

  1. First, the oil output of a good quality oil press machine must be high. The main function of the oil press is to squeeze oil. With a certain amount of raw materials, the more oil output, the better. Taizy’s screw oil presses continue to introduce advanced technology and make changes based on the original. Multi-stage pressing and directional pressing methods are used to greatly improve the oil yield.
  2. High working efficiency. The oil presses purchased are generally used for commercial purposes, so the level of oil extraction rate has a great impact on turnover. The output of different models of oil presses is also different. There are many models of Taizyoil presses to meet the different needs of customers.
  3. Multi-purpose, stable operation. A single function oil press will definitely not meet the requirements of a good oil press. Therefore, a good oil press must be able to handle a variety of materials, such as sesame, corn, soybeans, rapeseed, corn, sunflower seeds, etc., a multi-purpose machine, running smoothly.
  4. Good machine technology. Choosing an oil press is best to choose a large factory with a technical guarantee so that it is not only convenient to use but also more secure in subsequent operations.

All in all, the price of the machine and the quality of the machine, the manufacturing process, and the operating state must be positively related. There are few machines of good quality and low price on the market.