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Egg Roll Machine

main picture of egg roll machine
main picture of egg roll machine

The tender and crispy egg rolls are popular foods for both urban and rural areas. They are popular among the people for their melt-in-the-mouth texture, rich aroma, crispy taste, and rich nutrition. Egg roll machine is the most ideal processing machine for egg roll (egg crisp), which is a popular product in the food market. This machine has the characteristics of reasonable technology, lightweight, beautiful and practical. The egg rolls are uniform in color, and it is also bright in color, crispy and delicious, clean and healthy. Selected with high-quality formula, it can be regarded as a top-grade product with good color, fragrance, and taste, suitable for both old and young. Simulated manual egg roll machine, automatic control, even one person can operate a machine.

egg roll maker
egg roll maker

Introduction of Egg Roll Machine

Egg roll machine is mainly used to make egg rolls, and the raw materials are mainly flour and eggs.

  • How to Use Egg Roll Machine?

First, check whether the installation of each part of the device is in good condition, then turn on the main switch, at this time the power indicator light is on. Then insert the injection voltage plug and trachea, and open the air pump. After that, the operation button is opened. At this time, the heating box rotates with the turntable, and then the heating switch is opened. Meanwhile, the temperature is displayed on the intelligent temperature controller. The temperature can be preset as the required temperature (according to the thickness of the egg roll). Adjust the paste stick so that it is tilted upwards by about 5 degrees and placed in the middle of the heating box; when the temperature to be heated is the same as the preset temperature, the paste switch is turned on at this time, and the automatic paste is started.

  • Egg Roll Machine is Easy to Operate

This machine is easy to operate and can be used to make a variety of egg rolls of different flavors and shapes. According to different formulas, it can produce a series of flavors such as crispy egg rolls, sesame egg rolls, peanut rolls, scallion egg rolls, orange egg rolls, sandwich rolls, spicy egg rolls, pepper and salt egg roll and other flavors. In addition, the frame is made of all 304 stainless steel, and the upper and lower plates are thickened cast iron formwork, which overcomes the weakness of the aluminum egg roll mold which is not resistant to high temperature and easy to be damaged.


Advantage of Egg Roll Machine

  1. Automatic pasting. It will not drop paste on the workbench during the grouting process.
  2. Non-stick heating plate. Even without oil brushing before use, it will not stick to the heating plate.
  3. Heating uniformly. The egg rolls cooked are all in the same color.  The heating sheet adopts a lattice shape to ensure uniform heating.
  4. The size and weight of the egg roll can be controlled. By adjusting the amount of grouting, the thickness of the egg roll can be adjusted.
  5. Its speed is adjustable. It can be adjusted according to the proficiency of personnel in the working process.
  6. The temperature of each heating plate can be controlled separately. It can be adjusted from 0 to 200 degrees.
  7. Automatic springboard function. When a heating plate is not working, the plate can be automatically adjusted without affecting the production. After the production is finished and the temperature is cooled, the heating plate can be replaced.
  8. Can send formula (can add corresponding raw materials on the basis of this formula), such as seaweed, cream, purple potato, oats, sesame, chopped green onion, chocolate, rose, milk powder, etc.

Particular attention

  1. There are three types of egg roll machines. 8-head egg roll machine, 10-head egg roll machine, 12-head egg roll machine.
  2. The pattern of egg roll mold has flat, square and stripe. If you have special requirements, you can contact 24 hours online customer service for customization.
  3. The size of the heating plate can be customized.
  4. Various shapes can be rolled. Cylindrical, Phoenix roll, ice cream cone, etc.
  5. Both 380V and 220V are available.
  6. The output of 8-head egg rollers is about 25 kg/h, 10-head egg rollers are about 30 kg/h and 12-head egg rollers are about 35 kg.
    end products
    end products

Technical parameters of the egg roll machine:

egg roll maker 1
egg roll maker 1


The amount of paste injection is not uniformThere may be dough and particulate in


When mixing, mix the egg rolls until no granules or dough, then add sesame and mix well.
No-pasting1. The O-ring in the cylinder is broken.

2. There are large particles in the paste.

3. Pressure may be abnormal

1. Replace a new O-ring

2. Avoid the appearance of granular dough when feeding

3. Check the air pressure, adjust to normal

Uneven color of the product1. Heating temperature does not reach the set temperature

2. The temperature sensing probe is loose

3. The speed is too fast or too slow

1. Wait until the heating temperature is the same as the predetermined temperature before starting to paste.

2. Tighten the temperature sensing probe

3. Repeatedly adjust the frequency converter to the appropriate rotation speed.

Poor operation1. Frequency Converter Display Number Abnormal

2. Installation of time relay is not firm

1. Replace the frequency converter


2. Install time relay firmly

Product thickness is inconsistentThe pressure spring rod is looseAdjust the nut on the compression spring, the height of the nut from the lower support shall not be less than 10mm
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