Cake Production Equipment

Cake Making Machine
cake making machine

This commercial cake production equipment is a machine for making small cakes of various shapes and is especially popular in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. The fish-shaped cake made by it, also known as small fish cake, has the characteristics of cute appearance and delicate taste. It is also a traditional snack with a long history and rich style. Compared with other machines, the cake made by this cake machine is more three-dimensional and delicate in appearance, crisp and tender in taste, so it is more popular.

How does the cake production equipment work?

This cake production equipment mainly consists of a feeding system, molds, heating, and baking system, turning system, fuselage, and other components. At present, there are two ways of heating and baking, namely electric heating and gas heating.

You can use this cake manufacturing equipment to make fish cakes. Although there is “fish” in the name of the fish cake, it is not made of fish. Instead, in the fish-shaped mold, it is put into the prepared paste, then add various fillings, and finally, baked in a special oven. The finished fish cakes have scales and eyes, which are lifelike and as natural as though they were living! In fact, in addition to fish cakes, the machine can also make a variety of animal and plant shapes, such as corn, walnuts, bears, and so on.

The main process flow is: making cake paste – filling the hopper – injecting cake paste into the mold – baking – turning- maturing, and finishing.

Structure Of The Cake Making Machine
Structure Of The Cake Making Machine

Technical parameters of commercial cake production equipment:

Voltage 220V
Power 4.5kw
Capacity 600-800 PCS/H
Cake weight 14-20g
Cake molds One set for free(fish, corn, walnut, pine nut, panda molds)
Weight 200KG
Diameter 1150*800*1100MM

Our small cake making machine can make 600-800 cakes per hour. And the cake weighs 14-20 grams. In addition, the cake machine weighs 200kg and the size is 1150 * 800 * 1100mm

The cake production equipment body is made of stainless steel, the mold is made of food-grade aluminum material, and the inner coating is non-sticky. By the way, if you want to know the information about buscuit making machine, you can also contact us.

Feature Of Cake Making Machine
Feature Of Cake Making Machine

Cake production equipment features:

  1. The shape of the cake is varied: the shape of the cake can be changed by changing the molds, which is simple and easy to operate.
  2. The taste of the cake is changeable: you can make cakes of different tastes by changing different formulas. For example milk flavor, chocolate flavor, strawberry flavor, mango flavor, cheese flavor, and so on.
  3. Various modes: This cake production equipment can be used to make sandwich cakes or cakes without sandwiches. The two modes are easy to switch.
  4. On-site operation: consumers can see the whole process of cake making, eating more assuredly, attracting attention!
  5. Moldupgrade: Japan medical super non-stick coating, maintenance-free, more convenient operation!
  6. Material port upgrade: patented design, to solve the drip problem, more health, more clean!
  7. Pipe upgrade: Italy imported medical level, really non-toxic, no negative effect!
  8. Shake and flip device upgrade: food-grade light board, more health, more atmosphere, more on the grade!
Cake Processing Flow Chart
Cake Processing Flow Chart

Commercial cake making machine application place and profit analysis:

Application place:

This cake manufacturing equipment made by taizy food machinery covers a small area and has no noise during operation. So it is suitable for many places, such as food streets, tourist attractions, cinemas, cafes, residential quarters, and other places where people are concentrated.

Profit analysis:

Store cost budget (RMB)
Income 750 cakes per hour and 6000 cakes per day(750*8=6000); Every six cakes is a box, one box sells for 10 yuan, and the income is 10,000 yuan.(1000*10=10000) Income:10000
Expenditure Raw material Cake material 1 kg 30 yuan 53.7yuan This cake manufacturing equipment can produce 150 cakes at an average cost of 0.35 yuan and 6,000 cakes totaling 2100 yuan.Expenditure on raw materials:


Soybean oil 15%, 1.2 yuan
Pure milk 20%,  2 yuan
Egg 55 %, 5.5 yuan
Stuffing, a half kilogram, 15 yuan
Packing Boxed: A box can hold 6 cakes, 1000 boxes, each box 0.5 yuan, a total of 500 yuan. Packing Expenditure: 500yuan(Temporarily charged in boxes)
Bag: 6 cakes in one bag. It can hold 1000 bags, 0.15 yuan per bag, totaling 150 yuan.
Electricity fee 3 kW per hour, 8 hours of work, 2 yuan per kilowatt-hour, 48 yuan in total(3*8*2=48) Electricity Expenditure: 48 yuan
A daily profit of 7352 yuan(10000-2100-500-48=7352)

How Much Do Delimanjoo Machines Cost?

The cost of a delimanjoo machine can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the brand, model, size, capacity, features, and additional specifications. The prices for deli manjoo machines could range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. High-end, specialized, or industrial-grade cake production machines with advanced features may be more expensive than smaller, simpler models designed for smaller-scale operations.

For accurate and up-to-date pricing information, please contact us. As a professional food machinery manufacturer, we will recommend the right machine for you.

Delimanjoo Machine
Delimanjoo Machine
Different Molds
Different Molds