Full set of yogurt processing equipment

Flavoured Yogurt
flavoured yogurt

Yogurt processing generally involves such processes as ingredients, preheating, homogenization, sterilization, cooling, inoculation, filling, fermentation, cooling, mixing, and packaging. The fermentation effect and taste of yogurt are closely related to the control of technology.

Yogurt Processing Equipment
yogurt processing equipment

What is the yogurt processing equipment?

The following are the production steps of the yogurt production line.

  1. Refrigeration tank: this machine also called temporary storage tank and storage tank, which can store raw milk to prevent deterioration.
  2. Filter: filter impurities, cattle hair and other sundries.
  3. Preheating tank: pave the homogenizer, and the heating temperature of the homogenizer is 60 ° C
  4. Homogenizer: crush the protein ball and fat ball in the milk, so that the milk tastes delicate and white.
  5. Sterilization tank: pasteurization or high-temperature sterilization to kill harmful bacteria in milk.
  6. Precooling tank: it plays the same role as preheating tank.
  7. Fermentation tank: put strains on it for fermentation, or use aseptic strains for fermentation.
  8. Refrigeration tank: cold filling requires refrigeration in advance.
  9. Yogurt Filling machine: choose the packaging style according to your own situation.