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Passion Fruit Juicer
passion fruit juicer
The passion fruit juicer can separate the flesh and seeds of passion fruit (passionflower) while pressing the juice of passion fruit (passionflower)

Passion fruit juicer is a special machine for processing Passion fruit. Passion fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a nutritious fruit with a fresh and sweet taste. In recent years, more and more passion fruit-flavored foods and beverages have been on the market. These products are also highly praised by consumers for their unique taste and sufficient vitamin content.

Introduction of Passion Fruit Juicer / Passion Flower Juicer

This passion fruit juicer is special juicing equipment for passion fruit (passionflower). It is developed by our company by absorbing foreign advanced technology. The device can separate the flesh and seeds of passion fruit (passionflower) while pressing the juice of passion fruit (passionflower).

While obtaining the passion fruit (passionflower) juice alone, the flesh of the passion fruit (passionflower) and the seeds of passion fruit (passionflower) can also be obtained separately. So this equipment is not only a passion fruit (passionflower) juicer but also a passion fruit (passionflower) peeling machine and passion fruit (passionflower) seed-taking machine.

Passion Fruit Juicer Main Structural Principles

The passion fruit juicer is mainly composed of a special crusher, separating cylinder, liquid collecting tank, seed barrel, frame, transmission part, and so on. When working, the material enters the crusher through the inlet port and enters the separation cylinder after being broken by the crushing teeth. Juice, pulp, and peel are rolled in the separating cylinder so that the juice, pulp, and peel can be separated.

The peel is discharged through the Dreg hopper, and the juice and pulp fall into the juice collecting tank and flow into the seed barrel. The seed barrel is equipped with a rubber scraper, which scrapes the juice out of the hole in the seed barrel.

Then the juice flows into the next process from the juice outlet, and the seeds are discharged from the seed outlet, thus achieving the separation of the skin, seeds, and juice.

Main Technical Parameters

NameJuicer/Juice extractor
Processing capacity0.5-1T/H
The above parameters are for reference only
passion fruit juice machine

Above is the parameter data of our hot selling passion fruit juice extractor. The output of this machine is 0.5-1t/h. If you need an efficient passion fruit juicer, please feel free to contact us.

Passion Fruit Extractor
passion fruit extractor


Operation and Maintenance of Passion Fruit Juice

  1. First check the rotating part, whether the rotation is flexible, and whether the belt and chain are too loose;
  2. When starting the motor, attention should be paid to whether the steering is the same as that of the steering plate;
  3. During the use process, please check the breakage rate, the cleanness of the seed, and the separation of the seed and the flesh. If problems are found, the gap between the rubber scraper and the wall of the passion fruit juicer can be adjusted;
  4. You should check the rate of seed loss and the rate of pulp discharging. If the rate of loss is too high, the height of the residue hopper end rack can be raised appropriately. If the rate of pulp discharging is too slow, the height of the hopper end rack can be reduced appropriately.
  5. Please start the passion fruit juicer before feeding. When the passion fruit juicer stops, it should wait for all the seeds and pulp to be discharged before stopping. It is convenient for cleaning after stopping. If the seeds are attached to the crusher and the juice collecting tank, the appropriate amount of water can be added to wash them, to facilitate the drainage of seeds.
  6. The materials entering the passion fruit juicer shall not be mixed with hard objects such as iron or stone, to avoid damaging the machine.
  7. The lubrication points of bearings should be filled with lubricating oil regularly before use.
  8. Pay special attention! When the passion fruit juicer starts, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into any part of the machine.


The Structure Diagram of Passion Fruit Juicer


Passion Fruit Juice Production Line (yield: 1 ton/hour)


Products and specifications

  • Raw materials and requirements: Fresh Passion Fruit, does not violate the provisions of the Food Safety Law on the quality of raw materials. Maturity is more than 70%. It must not be rotten, mildewed, or odorous.
  • Main product: Pure passion fruit pulp, seeds. Purity and impurities meet the relevant standards. The color, aroma, taste, and shape maintain the natural quality of the original fruit.
  • By-product: Four-petal peel with regular shape. It can be used as a fermented feed or preserved fruit, dietary fiber, mattress, cushion, pillow, etc.


The whole line features

  1. The whole production line is made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and hygienic. It is sealed by cutting and separating. It meets the requirements of modern food regulations and can pass relevant certifications.
  2. The passion fruit juicer is manufactured with advanced technology and has reliable performance;
  3. The whole line can be operated unmanned and can replace more than 30 manuals;
  4. The whole line of wrinkled skin/scabby skin/smooth skin/belt fruit can be processed.
  5. The main product of the whole line has high purity, fewer impurities, and fewer bacteria, which is conducive to packaging and storage, and preservation;
  6. The whole line of by-product waste skin shape rules is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of clean production.
Stock In Our Factory
stock in our factory

Production line placement and operating conditions (excluding warehouses and cold storage

  1. Plant area for production line: 60㎡;
  2. Water consumption per hour in the production line: 1 t.
  3. Electricity consumption per hour in the production line: 20 kW.
  4. Hourly steam consumption in the production line: no steam is used.
  5. The number of workers used in the production line: 1-2.
  6. Clean the juice with a fruit washer before squeezing.

Passion Fruit Process and Equipment Flow Chart

Fresh passion fruit – no injury blind brushing – disinfection – skin seeds without debris cutting petals – skin seeds without debris separation – get separated fruit pulp, peel


Passion Fruit Machine/Service List

NumberName of deviceSpecification typeRemarks
1Passion fruit non-destructive hoistOutput:1t/h



Size:3×0.8×1.8 m

(1) Improve without hurting fruit

(2) Food-grade engineering plastic conveyor belt

(3) Adjustable speed

(4) With a feeding platform

2Non-invasive blind brushing machineProcessing capacity:1t/h

Power :3 kW



(1) Stainless steel for main material, Omron of Japan for PLC, a well-known brand for electronic components

(2) Machine computer control, mechatronic structure. Can clean the fruit without damage, with no blind spots, and ensure that the product meets the standard of quality

(3) Adjustable machine speed, water recycling

3Ozone disinfection machineOutput:1t/h



Size:3×0.8×1.8 m

(1) The machine is composed of a frame, water tank, conveyor belt, and ozone generator.

(2) Continuous automatic feeding and discharging

(3)Adjustable speed, water filtration, and recycling

4Automatic positioning hoist

(automatic docking with the cutting machine)




Size:2×0.8×1.8 m

(1) Automatic positioning, docking with cutter

(2) Food-grade engineering plastic conveyor belt

(3) Adjustable speed

5Skin, seed without debris cutting machineOutput:1t/h

(≈300 fruits per minute)

Number of cuts:4




(1) Stainless steel, a famous brand for electronic components

(2) Special sharp knives to ensure that the fruit is cut into four petals with little debris.

(3)Automatic docking with separator and sealing operation

passion fruit machine