Fruit Washing Machine

Vegetable And Fruit Washing Machine (3)
vegetable and fruit washing machine (3)

Fruit washing machine is a kind of cleaning machine for cleaning fruits and vegetables. When cleaning, a large number of bubbles will be generated. Water pressure and energy generated when bubbles burst are used to clean dirt and pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables. This industrial fruit washing machine is especially suitable for cleaning all kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as apples, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries and so on.

Introduction of Fruit Washing Machine:

Cleaning device, lifting and conveying parts are the main components of the bubble type fruit and vegetable washing machine. It is mainly used for cleaning vegetables and fruits before processing. Customers can customize this fruit and vegetable washer according to their needs. If necessary, it can match with the vegetable cutter, vibration dehydrator, and air dryer to directly constitute the production line. At this time, the automatic or semi-automatic processing and production of vegetables and fruits can be realized. This machine is mainly used to clean vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, etc., such as jujube, carrot, apple, potato, strawberry. And it is more suitable for fruits and vegetables are grown in the soil. It has a high degree of cleanliness and maintaining the original color.

Fruit Washer
Fruit Washer

Fruit washing machine technical data

Model Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h)
TZ-2500 2500*1000*1300 180 3.75 500
TZ-4000 4000*1200*1300 400 4.1 800
TZ-5000 5000*1200*1300 500 5.1 1500
TZ-6000 6000*1200*1300 600 5.5 2000

Working Principle of Fruit Washing Equipment

The fruit and vegetable cleaner machine is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel. So it is durable and in line with the food hygiene standards. When cleaning, the machine uses high-pressure water to impact the surface of the object. And it can form a cleaning water column containing bubbles. The high-speed movement of the cleaning water column impacts the surface of the washed object. At the same time, bubbles break up when they come into contact with objects, and they release a lot of energy. These energies will produce a strong impact on the surface of the object,  and scrubbing effect on the surface of the object.  What’s more, the efficiency of product washing is more than three times higher than that of manual washing.

You can also add detergents as needed to remove harmful substances, degrade and precipitate toxic substances. Under the action of the circulating pump, the floating material is filtered and separated by the filter screen.  The sediment is discharged through the sewage outlet. The filtered water is returned to the water tank to realize recycling and environmental protection. The hoist lifts the cleaned fruits and vegetables from the water tank to another container. At the same time, open the sprinkler switch, and rinse the fruit and vegetable again in the process of lifting. So as to make the fruit and vegetable cleaner.

Video: Automatic Vegetable and Fruit Washing Machine

Operational Steps:

(1) Clean the tank and fill it with water; inject clean water into the main tank until the overflow overflows;

(2) Start the conveyor belt motor to make the belt run normally and observe whether the running direction is correct;

(3) Start the air pump and inject air into the water tank to make the water in the tank tumbled up and down;

(4) Open the sprinkler valve to make the water spray uniformly on the mesh;

(5) Check the operation parts and make sure that they can work after normal operation;

(6) Depending on the cleaning degree of the material, it can be cleaned separately before conveying the mesh belt;

Detail Parts Of The Machine
Detail Parts Of The Machine

Fruit Washing Machine Features:

  1. The length and width of this machine are adjustable. Customers can customize according to their factory area and the amount of vegetable and fruit cleaning per hour.
  2. The water outlet nozzle is a detachable nozzle, which is easy to clean and prevent clogging. The nozzle angle is adjustable, and the material is cleaned more effectively.
  3. The brush can be added according to the needs, which can effectively remove dirt, hair and other debris in the item.
  4. There are two layers inside the fruit washer, namely the outer casing and the mesh belt. There is some space between the mesh belt and the outer casing, which is mainly used for water circulation and garbage collection.
Vegetable And Fruit Washing Machine
Vegetable And Fruit Washing Machine

Advantage of the Fruit Washer

  1. The fruit and vegetable washing machine is very water-saving,  electricity-saving. And the cleaning speed is very fast, which can save a lot of time. The vegetables and fruits are very clean and healthy after cleaning.
  2. Flexible cleaning, without damaging vegetables and fruits, raw materials can be kept intact.
  3. Simple installation, simple operation, and low energy consumption.
  4. The product is made of stainless steel except for the motor, which is sturdy and durable.
  5. Smooth operation and long service life.

After-sales service:

  1. On-site guidance for installation, commissioning, and responsible for free training operators
  2. The company guarantees a free warranty for customers for one year and only charges the material fee beyond the warranty period.
  3. The company regularly visits customers and can tailor the unique products that meet the needs of the users according to their various needs.
  4. Responsible for the customer. The company has set up after-sales service, ready to solve the various problems that occur during the actual use of the user in the shortest time and provide users with quality service.
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