Sheep head and feet hair removing machine

Sheep head and feet hair removing machine
Sheep head and feet hair removing machine

This machine is the more advanced sheep head and feet hair removing machine in China. It breaks the technical problem that frozen sheep head and feet can not depilate for the first time. The machine can complete sheep’s head depilation, sheep’s feet depilation, sheep’s feet shell shelling and wool filtering. This machine not only saves a lot of labor, reduces labor intensity, but also saves energy and protects the environment. The circulating water system can save a lot of water and heat, so it is an ideal machine for hair removal of sheep’s head and sheep’s feet.

The Production Process of Sheep Head and Feet Hair Removing Machine:

Whether it is sheep head or sheep feet hair removal, it needs to be treated with hot water. The sheep’s feet also need to be shelled after soaking in hot water.

sheep head and feet dehairing machine (2)
sheep head and feet dehairing machine (2)

Sheep head hair removal process:

Soaking – cleaning and decontamination – into the machine, hot water scalding – hair removal.

The number of delivery: 8 heads of big sheep, 10-12 heads of small sheep.

The scalding time of the sheep’s head is about five minutes, and the hair removal time is about 3-5 minutes.

Sheep feet hair removal process:

Immersion cleaning – put into the machine, hot water scalding – hair removal, shelling.

The number of delivery: 60-80 or so.

The scalding time of the sheep’s feet is about five minutes, and the time for hair removal and shelling is about 2.5-3 minutes.

Cleaning process:

Rolling brush to clean the sheep’s head, sheep’s feet, with running water.

The amount of feed is the sum of the three processes of hair removal, about 50 kg. The best cleaning effect is to clean the head and foot at the same time.

Note: The sheep head and sheep feet can be scalded at the same time, and then enter the next process at different times.

Test machine diagram
Test machine diagram

Sheep Head and Feet Hair Removing Machine Structure:

The overall equipment includes water sprinkler system, electric heating system, water circulation system, water filtration system, head, and hoof hair removal system, temperature control system, scalding time control system, hair removal time control system.

Advantages of Sheep Head and Feet Hair Removing Machine:

  1. Only one machine is required to complete multiple processes. For the first time, it broke the technical problem that the frozen sheep’s head could not be removed.
  2. The operation panel is clear and easy to understand, and the temperature control device can accurately display the water temperature.
  3. The device can be stopped urgently. The main power switch adopts the emergency stop switch design. Prevent accidents and ensure the safety of operators.
  4. The water circulation system is set inside the machine. So it can not only save resources and costs but also protect the environment.
  5. The whole machine is reasonable in design and advanced in technology. The hair removal rate can reach more than 90%.
sheep head and feet dehairing machine
sheep head and feet dehairing machine

The Operation Method of Sheep Head and Feet Hair Removal Machine:

  1. Connect the power cord properly, forbid 380V and 220V power cord to be disconnected. (Note: After connecting the line, try to turn it on and check if the geared motor is reversed! The whole equipment needs to be connected to the ground wire.)
  2. Turn on the main power switch.
  3. Start the electric heating switch first and observe if the electric heating rod has bubbles. To determine if the electric heating rod is heated.
  4. In the first run, after the water temperature needs to reach the temperature set by the temperature controller, start the water pump switch. (Note: Before starting the pump, it must be ensured that there is water in the tank.)
  5. After the temperature controller reaches the set temperature again, turn off the water circulation switch.
  6. Open the hair removal door, put the headstock material, and close the door.
  7. Start the device. Make sure that the temperature has reached the set value, start the water circulation system, start the drive device and start working. (In operation, keep the electric heating device turned on so that it can be heated automatically and automatically controlled.)
a real shot of our factory
a real shot of our factory

Precautions of sheep head and feet hair removing machine:

  1. According to the different sheep breeds, hair removal time is uncertain.
  2. After the production is completed, clean the heating system and the hair removal space, and clean the filter device.
  3. When draining, be sure to insert it into the waterway to prevent pollution when draining.

Inspection and maintenance:

Various malfunction will inevitably occur to the machine, some of them may have a slight impact on the mechanical equipment, and some are more serious, which may even cause the destruction of the machine, thereby causing losses to the manufacturer. Therefore, it is very important to remain regular inspections of the machine and make the right maintenance of the sheep head and feet hair removing machine.

How to remove hair from sheep head at home

In the cold winter, many people like to eat mutton or soup. So the first step must be treating the sheep’s head. To deal with the sheep’s head, the sheep’s head must first be detailed. How to remove hair from sheep’s heads? One of the methods is using white wine to light the fire and then smoke it or put it in the oven for a while. The method of removing it with fire is harmless to the human body, and the skin will be very tasty. It is a simple and convenient way to remove head hair at home.


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