How to remove hair from sheep head

In the cold winter, many people like to eat mutton or soup. So the first step must be treating the sheep’s head. To deal with the sheep’s head, the sheep’s head must first be detailed. How to remove hair from sheep head?

How to complete sheep head hair removal at home

  • Use white wine to light the fire and then smoke it, or put it on the oven for a while. The method of removing it with fire is harmless to the human body, and the skin will be very tasty. It is a simple and convenient way to remove head hair.
  • Burn with fire, put a ventilated place on the fire, and afterwards, use water and a wire ball to clean the sheep head thoroughly; For depilation of sheep’s heads and hoofs, caustic soda (caustic soda) must be used to remove the hair. Caustic soda is harmful to the esophagus.
  • When the sheep’s head hair is almost gone, soak the sheep’s head in cold water for 2 hours. If it is a sheep’s head with skin, wash the scalp repeatedly with a scrub brush. The whiter the better, but do not break the skin.
  • Take out the soaked sheep’s head and cut the open corner skin. Then open the mouth of the sheep, use a small brush to probe the mouth to wash the mouth, and move it back and forth in the water to brush out the dirt in the mouth, nose, and ears, then change to new water and wash twice. Finally, drain the water and use a knife to make a long cut from the middle of the scalp to the nasal bone to facilitate the removal of the bone after cooking.

Removing sheep head hair with a machine

At present, the depilation of cow’s hoof, cow’s head, sheep’s hoof, and sheep’s head is mainly used
Traditional methods, such as blanching, burning, peeling, and rosin, have their own flaws, which affect the development and growth of this industry.
For example, the scalding method is more environmentally friendly, but it has little effect on the frozen raw materials. The frozen raw materials are difficult to remove due to the shrinkage of the pores; the use of fire, skin repairing and other methods consumes a lot of manpower on the one hand, and the hair roots remain under the skin on the other hand. The hair roots are exposed during thermal processing, which will make the mouth feel uncomfortable to eat, which affects the taste of the product; rosin is slowly being eliminated due to environmental protection factors, and it is not suitable for large-scale industrial production.

Let me introduce a new treatment method, which is not only suitable for large-scale industrial production and processing, but also can completely remove the hair roots and improve the product. The method is widely used in the restaurant, slaughterhouse and farm, which cleans sheep head with a sheep head and feet hair removing machine.
The specific method is: soaking – cleaning and decontamination – into the machine, hot water scalding – hair removal.