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Main Picture Of Watermelon Peeling Machine
main picture of watermelon peeling machine

This automatic watermelon peeler can be used for the peeling of large and medium-sized melons. Such as watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin, pineapple, and papaya. The thickness of the peeling is adjustable and the adjustment is convenient. The cutting knife automatically circulates up and down to cut. The peeling rate is high and the loss rate of melons and fruits is small. The peeling rate is as high as 95%. Therefore, this machine overcomes the time-consuming of artificial peeling, especially suitable for the catering industry, canteens, food processing plants and other places.

Application Of Machine
Application Of Machine

Watermelon peeler structure introduction

Please refer to the following picture for the specific names of each part

Structure Of Pineapple Peeler
Structure Of Pineapple Peeler

Video: how to peel the pumpkin quickly?


Parameters of watermelon peeler

Type Power Voltage Weight Size mm Output
TP-150A 0.8 KW 220v/380v 98 750*520*1800 100-150/h
TP-150AL 1.5KW 220v/380v 98 850*850*1800 150/h

These are the parameters of two automatic watermelon peelers. Their weight and voltage are the same, but their output and size are different. What kind of peeler do you want? Please contact us.

Operation instructions of watermelon peeling machine

  1. Place the machine smoothly and connect the power supply and ground wire according to the machine sign.
  2. Install cylinder. Firstly, install the cylinder and tighten the positioning pin. The short pipe is connected to the upper end of the cylinder, and the long pipe is connected to the upper end of the cylinder. The bottom pipe of the machine is connected with the air compressor.
  3. Turn on the power switch, turn the emergency stop switch, put the melon into the lower positioning pin, and step on the footswitch. The machine starts to run and peel off. After the peeling is finished, the melon will be automatically ejected.
Main Picture
Main Picture

Daily maintenance of melon peeler

  1. After the automatic watermelon peeler has been used, it should be cleaned in time to avoid the waste clogging the machine and causing bacterial growth.
  2. Every 300 working hours, add an appropriate amount of lithium grease, ie butter, to the screw drive.
Actual Operation Diagram
Actual Operation Diagram

Machine adjustment

  1. Cutting stroke adjustment

According to the different reference height of melons, the cutting stroke can be adjusted. The cutting distance can be adjusted by adjusting the distance between stroke switches. Adjusting the appropriate cutting distance can improve processing efficiency.

  1. Adjustment of cutting depth

The peeling depth can be adjusted from 1mm to -20mm depending on the cutting needs. Loosen the knife holder fixing nut and push the knife holder to adjust the depth.

Advantage of watermelon peeler

  1. The machine structure design is reasonable and the operation is convenient.
  2. Peeling efficiency is high, and the peeling rate can reach 95%.
  3. The cutter stroke can be adjusted, and the range of adjustment is large, which can meet the different needs of customers.
  4. The thickness of the cutter can be adjusted, and it can be adjusted arbitrarily between 1mm and 20mm. Easy to adjust.
  5. Machines are easy to clean and not easy to breed bacteria. It can effectively ensure food safety.

Watermelon peeler for sale

To sum up, our melon peeing machine can peel all kinds of melons. So if you need pumpkin peeler, papaya peeler, mango peeler, or pineapple peeler, you can use this watermelon peeler. In addition, we also have fruit juice machine and fruit washing machine. If you need these machines, please feel free to contact us.